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What is the first step in the project method of teaching

What is the first step in the project method of teaching?(a) Determination of activities (b) Determination of objectives(c) Planning (d) distribution of work27. Which one is NOT the Psychological principle of teaching?(a) Proceed from concrete to abstract (b) Proceed from complex to simple(c) Proceed from known to unknown (d) Proceed from simple to difficult28. Which is the SECOND step in the problem solving method?(a) Testing hypothesis (b) Recognition and definition of problem(c) Conclusion (d) Formulation of hypothesis29. What is essential for the self-confidence of a teacher?(a) Authority on subject (b) Social (c) Attractive personality (d) Richness30. An outline of the topics of a subject to the covered in specific time is called?(a) Curriculum (b) Course (c) Syllabus (d) None31. Who said, Education is the process of preparation for making life pleasant andacquaintance with right principles of life.(a) Froebel (b) Aristotle (c) Parker (d) None of these32. The category of Audio Visual Aids is?(a) Radio (b) Television (c) Tape recorder (d) All of these33. Which among the following is the most correct view about social and individual aims ofeducation?(a) Individual aims should be given preference to social aims(b) Social aims should be preferred to individual aims(c) Individual aims are implied in the social aims of education(d) Individual and social aims are only two sides of the same coin.34. A curriculum is the sum total of a school efforts to influence a child?(a) Course (b) Behaviour (c) Design (d) Logical sequence35. All teachers in school should be punctual because:(a) this will make students also punctual(b) students will understand the importance of time(c) this will inculcate good habit in students(d) Students become carefree36. To propose the learning theory Kohler experimented on:(a) a monkey called Albert (b) a chimpanzee called Albert(c) a monkey called Sultan (d) a chimpanzee called Sultan37. Which of the following does not come under regular education?(a) School (b) Library (c) Teaching methods (d) Religion2 Ilmi Educator Guide38. Branch of Science in which species of organisms are identified, classified and categorizedis known as-(a) Taxonomy (b) Ecology (c) Genetics (d) Biology39. The disease caused by deficiency of protein is known as:(a) Malaria (b) Hepatitis (c) Typhoid (d) Kwashiorkor40. Curriculum reflects the culture of?(a) Society (b) Home (c) School (d) AreaFor a good communication is requiredA:Clarity of thoughtB:Dramatic PresentationC:Speaking in a mild tone.D:Speaking without pause.2:Which of the following is anapproch to educational planning?A:Man power approachB:Social Demand approchC:Both A & BC:None of them3:Institutional planing should bebased onA:Aim and needsB:TimetableC:AdministrationD:Need4:Teacher behaviour ought tobeA:AdministrativeB:InstructiveC:IdealisticD:Directive5:Information highway or net isA:ComputerB:ntemetC:IntranetD:key board6:INSAT-1(B)has beenA:30 April 1983B:30 August 1983C:30 December 1983D:30 Januay 19847:The number of represetatives of central Government in UGC isA:9B:2C:6D:38:Written communication stratege includesA:AlgorithmsB:Decision TableC:both A & BD:None of above9:Main responsibilit of School management lies onA:PricipalB:TeachersC:ManagerD:All of above10:A fault in a computer programme which prevents it from working correctly is known asA:BugB:ErrorC:Boo-BooD:Virus11:Practical knowledge of languages learnt atA:SchoolB:Language LaboratoryC:Language TeachingD:Language Instruction12:Which one of the following isnot a principale of a good timetableA:FlexibilityB:Ruthless MasterC:VarietyD:Coordination of efforts13:Factor of personlity isA:Ductless glandsB:Family backgroundC:SchoolD:All of above14:Motivation should be followed byA:RewardB:ReproofC:Knowledge of resultD:Incentive15:Learning which involves motor organ is calledA:Sensory LearningB:Motor LearningC:Verbal LearningD:Sensory motor Learning16:Which of the following is an audio visual aidA:RadioB:Tape recorderC:TelevisionD:Projector17:Do the children of intelligent parents always shine in studiesA:YesB:NoC:PsychologyD:It depends on God18:A Teacher should beA:HonestB:DilligentC:DutifulD:Punctual19:National council of educational Research and traning was established inA:1961B:1962C:1963D:196420:Family is a means ofA:Informal EducationB:Formal educationC:Non Formal educationD:Distance education21:The idea of Basic Education is propounded byA:Dr.Zakir HussainB:Dr.Rajendra PrasadC:Mahatma GandhiD:Rabindranath Tagore22:The primary duty of a teacher is to be responsible to his/herA:FamilyB:StudentsC:SocietyD:Nation23:Good reading amis at developingA:UnderstandingB:ProunuciationC:SensitivityD:Increasing factual knowledge24:Heuristic meansA:To InvestigateB:To ShowC:To doD:To act25:Instruction medium affects theabsence and escape from classteachingA:AgreedBOndefiniteC:DisagreedD:None of above