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Authors: Anannya Deb & Atul Mathew


<ul><li> 1. Back to square one<br />The Bombay Quiz Club presents<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Second half<br />25 questions<br />Infinite Rebound Anti Clockwise<br />Each team has 1 Long Range Shot<br /> 3. SECOND half anti clockwise : 1 <br />December 15th 2006, this team (ranked 39th in the world at one time) reached a major final for the first time in 24 years. It was a revival for this team after years of destruction caused by their boss. Name<br /> 4. SECOND half anti clockwise : 1<br />Iraq<br /> 5. Second half anti clockwise 2<br />Identify the goal scorer?<br /> 6. Second half anti clockwise 2<br />Jose Chilavert of Paraguay<br /> 7. Second half Anti clockwise 3<br />Jack Kent Cooke, owner of Lakers, the Forum, Redskins and LA Kings while buying NASL soccer team LA Wolves engaged a lawyer. This was the first introduction to soccer for this lawyer. Name?<br /> 8. Second half ANTI clockwise 3<br />Alan Rothenberg, former chief of US soccer. The winner of the MLS Cup gets the Alan Rothenberg Trophy<br /> 9. Second half anti clockwise 4<br />Johan Kramer, a Dutch documentary filmmaker, having given up on the Dutch football team, picked up this match played on 30th June 2002 and made a documentary out of it. In front of a crowd of 25,000, the home team defeated a small island nation 4-0. The referee was Englishman Steve Bennett. Name the documentary and the teams involved.<br /> 10. Second half Anti Clockwise 4<br />The Other Final featuring Bhutan and Montserrat, at that time the lowest ranked teams in the world. This match was on the morning of the World Cup Final in Yokohama<br /> 11. Second half Anti clockwise 5<br />Identify this sound and why FIFA had to pass a resolution about it?<br /> 12. Second half Anti clockwise 5<br />Vuvuzuela. The African elephant horn<br />During the Confederations Cup in South Africa, the European press complained that the noise made in the stands distracted them and wanted them banned from the 2010 World Cup. FIFA committee had to meet and decide on this. Fortunately, they have allowed it.<br /> 13. Second Half anti Clockwise 6<br />These players scored a solitary goal for their teams in a particular match in two different World Cups. What was coincidental to both?<br /> 14. Second half anti clockwise 6<br />Argentina as defending champions lost both their opening games to Belgium 1-0 (Erwin Vandenbergh) in 1982 Spain and to Cameroon 1-0(Francois Omam-Biyik) in 1990 Italy<br /> 15. Second half anti clockwise 7<br />This German club was formed by workers of a factory in 1903 in the German town of Jena. Over the years, it hasplayed in different Leagues depending on the German political situation. After WW2, Jena being in East Germany, this club joined the DDR league. It had its peak in the seventies winning a couple of League titles as well as playing in the European Cup. It currently languishes in the outer layers of the German football system (and is one of the clubs involved in the recent UEFA betting / match fixing scam). Name the factory, a famous engineering brand<br /> 16. Second half anti clockwise 7<br />Carl Zess, FC Carl Zeiss Jena<br /> 17. Second half Anti clockwise 8<br />He was known as the White Witch Doctor having being coach of a number of African club and national teams in Cote dIvore, Nigeria, South Africa and his current home Morocco. What was his great achievement in 2002?<br /> 18. Second half Anti clockwise 8<br />Philippe Troussier coached Japan to the pre-quarters in the World Cup.<br /> 19. second half Anti clockwise 9<br />As a Luftwaffe paratrooper, in WW2, he served at various operations. He was captured at different times by the Russians, the Americans, the Free French but escaped. Finally, he was captured by the British who took him as a POW to Manchester. After the war, he started playing football in the local clubs. In 1949 he was signed by Manchester City. In spite of protests from local fans about taking an enemy German, he carried on for the next 15 years as the goalkeeper at City. 1956 FA Cup, he broke his neck during a tackle but continued to play and protect the 3-1 lead that City had. When he went to receive the winners medal, his neck was bent.<br />Name the legend.<br /> 20. second half Anti clockwise 9<br />Bert Trautmann<br /> 21. Second half anti clockwise 10<br />Name this pair of full backs from the victorious 1982 Italian squad<br /> 22. Second half anti clockwise 10<br />GaetanoScirea and Claudio Gentile<br /> 23. Second half anti clockwise 11<br />What is common or connects these?<br /> 24. Second half anti clockwise 11<br />All owned by Stan Kroenke<br /> 25. Second half anti clockwise 12<br />The Peace One Day project declares one day a year free of conflict and war and calls for one day of global truce. As part of the 2009 project, two teams ended a 60 year feud by playing a friendly football match in the Bavarian town of Herzogenaurach. Who were the two sides that contested the match?<br /> 26. Second half anti clockwise 12<br />Adidas and Puma<br /> 27. Second half anti clockwise 13<br />In probably one of the most infamous moments of the 1998 World Cup, the defender was sent off even though replays showed that the forward had faked it. The two gentleman are currently highly rated football managers. For full points, name both of them and name the teams they manage today.<br /> 28. Second half anti clockwise 13<br />Laurent Blanc (who was sent off) Bordeaux; SlavanBilic (who was supposedly fouled) Croatia<br /> 29. Second half anti clockwise 14<br />It was condemned by SeppBlatter, who said it brought the game into disrepute. He also added "Football cannot be like the Harlem Globetrotters or a circus. Michel Platini of UEFA called it a "nonsense idea". Strong reservations were expressed by the Korean, Japanese and Australian FA's . However Middle-Eastern FAs and the Hong Kong FA were reportedly more positive.<br /> 30. Second half anti clockwise 14<br />EPLs Game 39 Plan Play an extra round of 10 games (39th Game for all the teams) in five foreign cities over a weekend in January<br /> 31. Second half anti clockwise 15<br />What is this a list of?<br />Brazil Ronaldinho<br />England Walcott, Lampard, Rooney<br />Italy Giorgio Chiellini<br />France Steve Mandanda, KarimBenzema, Guillaume Hoarau<br />Spain Xavi<br /> 32. Second half Anti Clockwise 15<br />Different covers of FIFA 10 game<br /> 33. Second half anti clockwise 16<br />Before the formation of the Makana Football League in 1966, football in this region was neglected and very disorganised. But the new body provided more structure to the organisation and formed referees and disciplinary committees to maintain high standards. However, it took FIFA 43 years to acknowledge this federation. Name the region?<br /> 34. Second half anti clockwise 16<br />Robben Island, a football league made up of the prisoners including Nelson Mandela (SeppBlatter visiting the prison earlier)<br /> 35. Second half anti clockwise 17<br />This talented keeper was once rumoured to be on his way to Arsenal and Manchester United when he quit the game because his religion wouldn't allow him to train or play on Saturdays. He was also convinced that the world would end in 2000 and retreated to a farmhouse awaiting the apocalypse. Unfortunately for him, 2000 remained incident free and he soon returned to football with Real Mallorca.<br /> 36. Second half Anti Clockwise 17<br />Carlos Roa of Argentina<br /> 37. Second half anti clockwise 18<br />In a 1970 TV Commercial for cigarette brand Vila Rica, this controversial footballer uttered his most famous quote I like to take advantage in everything". This later became known as ____ Law that applies to someone who takes advantage of a situation, with no care for ethics. After he was omitted from Pele's 100, he tore up a copy of the list on national TV. Name the player<br /> 38. Second half anti clockwise 18<br />Gerson (Brazil)<br /> 39. Second half anti clockwise 19<br />As an overseas department of the French Republic, this regional team cannot participate in FIFA tournaments but are allowed to participate in CONCACAF events. They were surprise qualifiers for the CONCACAF Gold Cup in 2007 and shocked everyone by reaching the semi-finals before losing to Mexico. Famous players from this region include Thierry Henry, LilianThuram, William Gallas, Sylvain Wiltord and Louis Saha. Name this territory.<br /> 40. Second half Anti Clockwise 19<br />Guadeloupe, in the West Indies.<br /> 41. Second half anti clockwise 20<br />In Danny Boyle's 1996 cult classic Trainspotting, after getting rather 'intimate' with a woman he'd met in a nightclub Ewan McGregor's character exclaims "I haven't felt this good since ____ _______ scored against Holland in the 1978 World Cup"<br />Fill in the blank<br /> 42. Second half anti clockwise 20<br />Archie Gemill<br /> 43. second half anti clockwise 21<br />For the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, there was a major crisis as Israel playing in the Asia-Africa qualifying zone qualified without playing any of its matches. Indonesia, Sudan and Egypt all withdrew refusing to play Israel. In order to avoid having a team qualify without playing a match, FIFA opted to have a play-off between Israel and an European team who had missed out qualifying. They drew lots, Belgium was picked. Belgium refused to play. So which team was picked second time?<br /> 44. second half anti clockwise 21<br />Wales. They would qualify for their only World Cup appearance. And Pele fans will remember Wales in 1958 as the team against whom Pele scored.<br /> 45. second half Anti clockwise 22<br />This is the record of this Scottish goalkeeper in the 60s<br />Dunfermline Athletic1958 6594 caps<br />Birmingham City1965 71181 caps<br />After that, he played in various clubs like Mansfield Town and even Durban City (South Africa). He had 8 caps for Scotland in 1968-69. He retired in 1977.<br />His name is more famous in literature when a son of a Sunderland shipyard worker could not use his own due to rules of his trade banning self-advertising<br />Name the common name<br /> 46. second half Anti clockwise 22<br />James Herriot<br /> 47. Second half Anti clockwise 23<br />He was 20 years old when he was selected for India to play at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.India missed the bronze medal losing to Bulgaria in the bronze medal playoff. Next time, 1960 Rome, he was the captain. India was in Group D with France, Peru and Hungary. India lost 1-2 to the strong Hungary in the first match. <br />In the second match against France, he got India the lead scoring in the 71st minute. France managed to get an equaliser in the 85th minute to draw the game.<br />India lost the third match to Peru 1-3 and were knocked out of the tournament. But the quality of play led by the captain took them to the gold medal in the 1962 Asian Games in Jakarta with the captain scoring goals in every match.<br />Name the FIFA Indian player of the 20th century<br /> 48. Second half Anti clockwise 23<br />PK Banerjee<br /> 49. Second half Anti clockwise 24 <br />The poster and the monument refers to a significant event in 20th century history. The movie clip is from a popular movie. Identify and connect the three.<br /> 50. Second half Anti clockwise 24<br />The (in)famous Death Match featured FC Start, a team made up of former Dynamo Kiev players against the German Luftwaffe team Flakelf on 9th August 1942 at the Zenit stadium in Kiev. Kiev and Ukraine were under Nazi Germany and the local football teams (run by the police and other Soviet state units) were disbanded. FC Start was a team founded by a local baker made up these footballers. They played a series of games against Axis army teams defeating all of them (and convincingly). Seeing this as a potential source of inspiration for local resistance units, the Germans needed to end it. In this match, the Ukranian team were warned that should they lose, they would be killed by the Gestapo. They defeated the German team 5-3. Many of the players were next day taken to concentration camps where a number were shot dead.<br />Escape to Victory, the movie, is based on this incident. Many of the goals in this movie are recreations of the goals scored in the Death Match (based on eyewitness accounts of survivors)<br /> 51. Second half Anti clockwise 25<br />What is Sir Bobby Robson referring to in this statement: <br />"That one game alone changed our thinking. We thought we would demolish this team - England at Wembley, we are the masters, they are the pupils. It was absolutely the other way.<br /> 52. second half Anti clockwise 25<br />The Match of the Century England v Hungary on Nov 25th 1953 at Wembley. Hungary, unknown in England, beat England 6 3. In the return match at Budapest, Hungary beat England 7 -1, Englands worst defeat ever.<br /></p>