hayao miyazaki. hiyao miyazaki born: january 5, 1941 born: january 5, 1941 akebono-cho, bunkyō-ku,...

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Hayao Miyazaki Hayao Miyazaki

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  • Hayao Miyazaki

  • Hiyao MiyazakiBorn: January 5, 1941Akebono-cho, Bunky-ku, Tokyo, JapanBegan drawing airplanes while his father worked in his uncles aircraft manufacturing plant.Aviation would become a major theme in his later work.

  • Hayao MiyazakiDirectorHead of Studio GhibliAnimatorBegan as in-betweenerManga-kaCreates, writes, draws manga (Japanese comics)Considered the Crme-de-la-crme of Japanese animation industry.

  • Hayao MiyazakiWhile attending Toyotama High School, he saw Hakujaden, the first full-length Japanese anime movie.Film makes him decide to become a comic artistHe had to learn to draw the human figureWent to Gakushuin University, graduating with degrees in political science and economics in 1963A member of the Childrens Literature Research Club only club that was similar to a manga club at the time

  • Hayao MiyazakiIn 1963, joins Toei Dga (Toei Animation) as an in-betweener.No formal schooling for animationWas trained for 3 months before being assigned to Watchdog Bow Wow

  • Hayao MiyazakiOther studios hes worked forA-ProNippon AnimationEstablished Studio Ghibli in 1985Subsidiary of Tokuma ShtenReestablished Studio Ghibli in 2005 as a separate studio

  • Hiyao MiyazakiRecurring themes in his workAviationBorn from spending time in his uncles factoryEcologyHow humans have impacted their environmentFeminismThere is often two central female characters who embody idealism and realismPacifismAnti-military

  • Hayao MiyazakiBody of work: 1963-PresentSome examples of his animated work1963 Watchdog Bow Wow1971 Lupin III - Series1979 Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro1984 Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind1989 Kikis Delivery Service2002 The Cat Returns2004 Howls Moving Castle2006 Gedo Senki (Tales of EarthSea)2010 Karigurashi no Arrietty (The Borrowers)

  • Hayao MiyazakiExamples of his manga1969 Puss in Boots1972 Animal Treasure Island1982-1994 Nausicaa Valley of the Wind1990 The Age of the Flying Boat1998-1999 Tigers Covered With Mud

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