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Realistic fiction, Mrs. Kissell's Class


<ul><li><p>The </p><p>Soccer Twins </p><p>By: Isabella Casaretto </p><p>Mrs. Kissell and Mrs. Dearman s class </p><p>2012-2013 </p></li><li><p>Happy Birthday to you! chanted the crowd </p><p>gathered around one of the picnic tables in Scamper </p><p>Park. There was a big rectangle cookie cake with ten </p><p>candles on one side and ten on the other and a big </p><p>number 10 in the middle. </p><p>Allie and Liza are identical twins who are turning ten, </p><p>but turning ten was very special in their family because </p><p>whenever anyone turns ten they start to play soccer. It </p><p>has been a tradition for many years in their family. Its </p><p>time for presents! yelled Liza. </p></li><li><p> Lets open that one first! yelled Allie excitedly </p><p>running towards the present. Allie pointed at two round </p><p>presents covered in pink and orange wrapping paper. </p><p>Liza took one of the round presents agreeing with Allie. </p><p>They both started to rip the pink and orange wrapping </p><p>paper off the round presents. Soccer balls, shouted </p><p>Allie staring at the black and white ball. Liza didnt say a </p><p>word she knew she was bad at soccer. </p></li><li><p>Follow me, said their father as they walked down </p><p>the park to two soccer goals on opposite sides. Its time </p><p>for you to learn how to play soccer, said their dad </p><p>proudly. He started to talk about important things about </p><p>soccer and teaching them the basics. </p><p> Now we need to practice scoring, said their dad as </p><p>he kicked the ball and scored. Allie went first; she kicked </p><p>the ball towards the goal. Then, it was Lizas turn; Liza </p><p>kicked the ball sideways nowhere towards the goal. Liza </p><p>dropped her head down and stared at the ground. Dont </p><p>worry it takes practice! screamed their dad from the </p><p>other side of the field. By the end of the day Liza kept </p><p>kicking the ball sideways. </p></li><li><p> Later on that week, there is going to be soccer </p><p>tryouts at school and lacrosse tryouts the day after. Allie </p><p>and Liza have been practicing for this all week. Were </p><p>going to be late! shouted Liza. Liza worried the whole </p><p>way to school about the tryouts. Once they were at </p><p>school the first thing to do was soccer tryouts. Allie was </p><p>ready but Liza wasnt at all. </p><p>They walked out to the field, it was Lizas turn First </p><p>to tryout. The judges asked Liza to score a goal. Liza </p><p>slowly pulled her leg back and kicked the ball, again the </p><p>ball went sideways. Then, Allie walked out to the field </p><p>and the also asked her to score a goal. As Allie let her leg </p><p>go the ball went flying through the air as Allie, Liza, and </p><p>the judges stared at the ball make a goal. </p><p>After school that day, they all the people who tried </p><p>out were all sitting in the gym. Everyone was losing their </p><p>patience, people were going crazy. Finally, one of the </p><p>judges stepped in the door holding papers. These are </p><p>the people who made the team, announced the judge. </p><p>She started saying names. Allie was the last person to </p><p>make it. </p></li><li><p>As soon as Liza got home from school she ran in to </p><p>the garage crying. She sat there for a while looking </p><p>around. She saw a lacrosse stick and a lacrosse ball, then </p><p>she remembered lacrosse try outs tomorrow! Thats </p><p>when she realized she doesnt have to be good at the </p><p>same things as her sister. So she grabbed the ball and the </p><p>lacrosse stick and sprinted outside and immediately </p><p>started practicing for tomorrow. </p></li><li><p>Liza was eager to go to school that day. As soon as </p><p>she got to school she went to the place where the try </p><p>outs were. The first person to try out was Liza. After </p><p>school once again she went to the gym with all the other </p><p>people who tried out. Except this time it was fast. The </p><p>judge stared announcing names and Liza was announced </p><p>second! On the way home Liza started thinking about </p><p>what her father is going to say about breaking a family </p><p>tradition. </p><p> Liza thought about it the whole way home. When </p><p>Liza got home her father asked how her day was. Liza </p><p>couldnt hold it anymore and bursted into excitement </p><p>and shouted, It was the best day ever! Then, her father </p><p>asked her why it was the best day ever. Liza didnt say a </p><p>word until her father asked her again. Well, I tried out </p><p>for the lacrosse team and made it, but I didnt want to </p><p>hurt you because I broke a family tradition, said Liza </p><p>very quickly. Are you mad at me? said Liza quietly. Of </p><p>course Im not mad at you for breaking the family </p><p>tradition because you started a new one. </p></li></ul>