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Audrey, Samantha, Karla, Omar


<ul><li><p>Happy Birthday to You!</p></li><li><p>Happy Birthday to YouBy: Samantha, Audrey, Karla and Omar</p></li><li><p>Giuseppe the koala wakes up in the morning.</p><p>Its my sixth year celebrating Valentines Day. This holiday is very easy for me to remember because it also happens to be my birthday! I turn six today and Ive been waiting five long years for this moment so Im going to make sure its the best yet.</p></li><li><p>Valentines Day is always on the 14 of fvrier and this year its also on a vendredi.</p></li><li><p>Since its my birthday, Im going to wear my favorite pair of chaussures bleus. I only wear them on special occasions and make sure Im extra careful; mommy would be really mad if I let anything happen to them, as would daddy.</p></li><li><p> Daddy keeps rushing me. I guess he doesnt understand the importance of my big entrance. </p><p>Mr. Hibou isnt going to be too pleased if youre late, Giuseppe, my dad says in an impatient voice. Youre going to be late!</p></li><li><p>Its a little late, but we finally leave our maison.</p></li><li><p>Mr. Hibou never really seems to be pleased with me. Something to do with me not paying attention in class and talking to much and blah blah blah.</p><p>I finally arrive to school and I have about two minutes to be in my pupitre and ready to learn (thats what Mr. Hibou always says). </p></li><li><p>As I said before its Valentines Day and because its Valentines Day we have a Valentines Day party. You know, pizza, drinks, cards, des petits gteaux, and so on. My mre always in charge of bringing the cupcakes, and all I can think of is Mr. Hibou saying Giuseppe your moms here.Your mre is here!</p></li><li><p>Finally its 2:30 and were setting up. My mom finally walks through the door and Mr. Hibou says she has a surprise. </p></li><li><p>She walks in with cupcakes, pizza, cookies, and drinks and the whole class yells BON ANNIVERSAIRE! I couldnt believe it was all for me. Today was my 6th birthday and I knew it would be the best yet.BON ANNIVERSAIRE VOUS!!!</p></li></ul>