happy birthday during february... jessica and keezi may your 2nd birthday be fun!

Download Happy Birthday during February...  Jessica and Keezi may your 2nd birthday be fun!

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From Evelyns desk:. Wow, can you believe that the first month of 2011 is nearly over! We have all settled in, learnt our routines and it is great to see children and parents with a smile!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Happy Birthday during February... Jessica and Keezi may your 2nd birthday be fun! Aunty Shelter enjoy your day. 3 is the age to be Aiden. May your 4th be filled with laughter Victor. Wow, can you believe that the first month of 2011 is nearly over! We have all settled in, learnt our routines and it is great to see children and parents with a smile! Thank you for the wonderful attendance at our Parents Evening on 18 January. Everybodys enthusiasm with regard to the PTA is much appreciated. The success of the school and your satisfaction as parents can only be achieved through participation. I urge you to share in all we do and provide constructive feedback where appropriate.

    HAPPY HANDSEXCLUSICE CHILDCARENEWSLETTER: FEBRUARY 2011Tel: (012) 667 6794 Fax: 086 637 3821Cell: 083 382 5043E-mail: info@happyhandschildcare.co.za

  • CLASS MOMS & DADSA special thanks to all our Moms and, especially to our Dad, who have volunteered to assist the teachers:

    Giggling Grasshoppers ThembaClever Caterpillars- JulieWriggly Worms- KerryBrilliant Butterflies- MegSparkling Spiders- AJAftercare:- MichelleBusy Bees & Creative CricketsPLEASE REMEMBER:Please mark all your childs items as well as his\her bag

    Please remember daily communication books

    Teachers are not allowed to move from their stations\playground duty and leave other children alone to assist a parent to look for belongings or for any other reason. We are teaching each child to pack away their belongings and assist them. Please aid us by allowing your child to walk in and out of their school and leave with a sense of I can do it!

    School day and routine starts at 8:30. Please dont be late as it is very disrupting for the children and the teachers.

    5. PLEASE SEND MARKED HATS AND SUNSCREEN NO HAT NO PLAY! Hats will stay at school. Happy Hands will wash them. Sunscreen will be used one at a time. DATES TO DIARISE:PTA Meeting- 1 Feb 11Sports Day- 12 Feb 11THANK YOU!This year has kicked off to an amazing start. The Happy Hands Wish List has not yet been circulated and already one of our wishes has been granted. ITEC donated a copy, scan and fax machine. I am so grateful and it is a huge blessing for the school. Thank you Teacher Kayleigh for being instrumental in us receiving the machine.HAPPY HANDS SPORTS DAYThe children, siblings and parents will have the chance to tackle the obstacle courses and there will be food, chips and drinks to buy. Come enjoy a day filled with fun! There is an opportunity for anyone who wants to set up a table (bring your own) and sell goodies. All you need to do is to pay a fee of R50 to Happy Hands. You are welcome to use this facility at any of our fund raisers. Details will follow after PTA Meeting with regards to the happenings of the day!

  • Please see next page for further comments on Extra Mural Activities

    EXTRA MURAL ACTIVITIESDAYACTIVITYTIMESCOMMENTSMONDAYSWIMMING13h30 - 15h30COMPUTERS14h00 - 17h00TUESDAYPLAYBALL14h15Ages 5 and upWEDNESDAYPOTTERYFrom 10h30For all over the age of 3. Under 3s will be adhoc as they eat the clay and this could lead to constipationPLAYBALL10h302 yr old wormy classSWIMMING14h00SOCCER STARZ15h15 15h452 to 4 yearsSOCCER STARZ16h00 16h30Boys 5 years & overTHURSDAYPLAYBALL10h003 5 years MONKEYNASTIX14h15 & 14h45FRIDAYBALLET14H30Beginners mixed age groupBALLET15h30Intermediate mixed age group

  • Please note the following

    There are Ballet items from the 2nd hand shop that Arlene brings along. Ballet time slot could still change.

    We are still waiting for confirmation of the Hip hop classes. Once received, they will be fitted in so that it does not overlap with any other Extra Mural.

    All our Extra Murals we offer are of a high standard and I encourage you all to let your child participate in at least one.

    Monkeynastix is offering a session for Grade 1s and 2s. These children will be introduced to golf, hockey, tennis and soccer. This will be an advanced session!

    Toddlers age 1 2 the special activity will be done during a morning and as soon as I have details I will put them in your daily communication books. We are very excited about this special extra mural.

    All extra murals, with the exception of pottery, are privately run and are for the account of the parents. Costs are not included in the school fees.

    Fees and enrolments are specified on each form and have nothing to do with Happy hands Exclusive Child Care.