happiness and the plastic plumbing pipe (really) at uxcamp brighton 2014

Download Happiness and the Plastic Plumbing Pipe (really) at UXCamp Brighton 2014

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We made a metal detector, geophys machine and a "mole digger" to complement our archaeology simulation, Invisible Buildings: an outdoor location-based app. We made them out of plastic plumbing pipes. This is story of how this came about and what we learnt about user experience in the process.


  • 1. Happiness and ... plastic plumbing pipes (really)

2. The story begins 3. No you cant touch! 4. 30 children and 3 phones 5. Geophysics is to B&Q as ... 6. Heres one I made earlier 7. A Metal Detector 8. A Mole Digger 9. Really, a Mole Digger? 10. Yes, a Mole Digger? 11. Compete Kaboodle 12. Mod 1 - to solvent weld Solvent Weld 13. Mod 2 - the button clip 14. Big mod - mobile to tablet 15. Cest ne pas un frisbee 16. Now looks like this 17. When we let someone else do it 18. Game Zero (UX on Screen) 19. Questions? Richard Vahrman info@locomatrix.com locomatrix.com invisiblebuildings.co.uk www.facebook.com/invisiblebuildings