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Engaging on Twitter - Finding ways to get to know your followers and the people you follow. Engaging on Twitter Retweets Conversations Twitter Chats Hashtags


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2. I am committed tosimplifying socialmedia management,I stay on top oftoday's ever-changingtechnology so youdon't have 3. #powerofsmI want to help you get more outof the efforts that you areputting into your social 4. #powerofsmFinding ways to get to know yourfollowers and the people you follow. Retweets Conversations Twitter Chats 5. #powerofsmFinding ways to get to know yourfollowers and the people you follow. See who they are as they represent themselves on theirprofiles Get to know their likes and interests by what they post See who they follow and who follows them back You can see how active they are on Twitter by their tweets,and their 6. Retweets#powerofsm Share information that you agree with to your audience Credibility with your followers Credibility with the original tweeter Credibility with the other people who interact with Help you expand your reach 7. Conversations#powerofsm Twitter is nothing without conversations You are either trying to start conversations or continue them Public tweets are meant to be 8. Twitter Chats#powerofsm Great way to meet people who have the same interests as you Build your awareness for what you are interested in Ability to showcase your expertisewww.geekygirl.ca 9. 10. #powerofsmPowerhouse Social Media Coaching!Each month we focuson a new topic!September Images for your online presenceLearn more about social media every day! 11. Next week!Google+#powerofsmSend me your questions... 12.