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  • Hair Loss Help Forums


    Please read this before using this forum


    10/12/2012 06:27 PM

    by Farrel

  • Frequently Asked Hair Loss Questions

    The answers to many commonly asked hair loss questions can be found here.


    11/12/2014 10:59 PM

    by Sarah Emma

    Latest Hair Loss News

    Discuss the latest breaking news about hair loss here. If you have an interesting article that you readplease share it with the rest of the group.

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    11/15/2014 03:38 AM

    by Allision02

    Hair Loss Product News

    Get the latest news about new hairloss products as well as special offers. This is a commercialsection that contains paid announcements.


    03/12/2012 03:31 AM

    by Farrel

  • Hair Loss Open Topic

    Post any topic about hair loss here. Ifyou are not sure where to post then post here.


    11/18/2014 09:05 AM

    by Gjones

    Experimental and New Hair Loss Treatments

    Unapproved new drugs, experimental treatments, hair cloning, gene therapy and more.

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    11/18/2014 01:27 AM

    by minoxiDjunkie

    Hair Loss Products

    Post any product or drug related questions or comments here.


    11/14/2014 08:12 AM

    by minoxiDjunkie

  • Hair Loss Product Ratings

    This forum is for people to give their feedback about hair loss products they have used. You can alsoadd a rating for the product in your response. For product questions please make use of the HairLoss Product Forum.


    11/07/2014 07:32 AM

    by benq123

    Diet, exercise, and bodybuilding

    Hair loss and lifestyle often go hand in hand. Discuss various nutritional and exercise related issueshere.

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    11/13/2014 02:22 AM

    by nehasharma

    Hair loss Impact

    A place to rant and vent about your hair loss.


    10/12/2014 09:17 AM

    by Neil Wrickston

  • Surgical Hair Restoration - Hair Transplant Open Topic

    General discussion about hair transplants, flaps and any other surgical methods used to restorewomens black combat boots size 8 hair.


    11/17/2014 09:51 AM

    by WorthmorethanGold-i-

    FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction

    A section for results and questions about a new hair transplant technique called FUE where hairfollicles are removed individually avoiding the creation of a linear scar.

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    11/18/2014 08:59 AM

    by Skywalker

    Hair Transplant Patient Results

    Hair transplant patients balding can post their before and after pictures here.


    11/17/2014 08:49 AM

    by Skywalker

  • Surgical Hair Restoration - Hair Transplant Doctors

    Discussion about individual hair transplant surgeons and large hair transplant clinics.


    11/03/2014 07:28 PM

    by MikeH

    Doctors to Patients forum - 2

    Hair transplant clinics can present examples of their patient results and hair transplant patients canmeet doctors to discuss their hair loss and surgical hair restoration needs.

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    11/18/2014 06:30 AM


    Doctors to Patients hair loss treatment forum

    Doctors and clinics can present examples of their work and patients can meet doctors to discusstheir hair loss and hair transplant options.


    03/15/2011 02:35 AM

    by Farrel

  • Hair Transplant Repair

    A forum dedicated to people seeking information on repair work for their previous unsuccessful hairtransplant procedures.


    11/18/2014 02:38 AM

    by bmoreno515

    Featured Hair Transplant Patients

    A selection of patient results from differenthair transplant doctors

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    07/27/2000 06:42 AM

    by Farrel

    Doctor of the Day

    A highlight of the various hair transplant doctors who are listed in our transplant directory.


    08/03/2011 08:58 AM

    by fuzzy

  • Hair Systems

    Anything related to non-surgical methods of restoring hair including hair pieces, wigs, braids, hairsystems, etc.


    11/18/2014 07:49 AM

    by hairwearer_23

    Womens Issues

    Post any hair loss issues that are specific to women here

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    11/04/2014 12:58 PM

    by disposition27

    Alopecia Areata forum

    Get info about Alopecia Areata or Alopecia Totalis


    08/19/2014 01:44 PM

    by Anatole

  • Illness Related Hair Loss

    Post any questions relating to hair loss caused by illness, chemotherapy or other medical reasons.


    09/05/2014 07:55 PM

    by JL3

    Off Topic Posts

    Off-topic posts belong in this forum

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    09/23/2014 05:46 AM

    by patterson


    Non-commercial classifieds for members only


  • 11/11/2014 03:18 PM

    by hicks23