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    HAIR Tutorial #2

    Easy Elegance Accessory Gallery


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    Welcome to the 2nd hair tutorial from Makeover Masters. In this issue we've created hair looks which pay homage to old school elegance...perfect for any special occasion, including weddings and balls. Make any of the looks your own by adding a fabulous accessory...check out our 'Accessory Gallery' pages for ideas.

    Meet the Masters...

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    Easy Elegance

    Look #1 What you will need:Equipment: Tail comb, sectioning clips, conical tong, set clips ad bristle brush. Product: Medium hold hairspray

    Look #4What you will need:Same as Look 3 but add to...Equipment: Additional hair clips.

    Krisztina Moricz

    Product/Brand Suggestions

    Thermal Setting Spray: Matrix Biolage or Redken Iron Shape IIHair Powder: LOral Professionel Super Dust, Schwarzkopf Osis + Dust It or Volume PowderHairspray: Redken Fashion Work 12, Matrix Biolage or LOral Paris Elnett Conical Tong:BaByliss or Cloud 9

    Large Barrel Tong:BaByliss or Toni & Guy Bobby Pins: Bobby Pins from Combined SalonsTail & Tease Combs:Goldilocks #5 & #8 or Blue Celcon MKIIBristle Brush: Mason Pearson or Denman

    Easy Elegance

    Look #2What you will need:Same as Look 1 but add to... Equipment: Hair tie, prong comb and bobby pins.

    Look #3 What you will need:Equipment: Tail comb, large barrel tong, set clips, bristle brush, bungee hair tie, bobby pins.Product: Medium hold hairspray & hair powder

    Lisa Matson

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    1. Start with fresh blow-dried hair, make a side part, and section off the sides from the back, at mid ear. 2. Gather sections, approx. 1.5-2 inches square, spray with a setting lotion or medium hold hairspray, comb through, then wrap hair over and around conical wand firmly, holding for approx.10-15 seconds. NB: Curl front section, above forehead, slightly off centre toward your temple.

    3. Take curl and wind it up into a barrel roll and pin with a set clip, off base, to help give lift to the roots, if needed. 4. Repeat process through the rest of the hair. Allow to cool 20mins or more. 5-6. Brush curls out with a bristle brush to achieve soft waves then add lift to the base of the hair with a tease comb, Finish by brushing hair into place and set with a medium to strong hold spray.


    Moviestar glamour.

    CREDITS: Hair by Krisztina Moricz / Model: Billie (Red Eleven Models) / Photography by Mike Rooke

    Master TipSpritz hairspray over brush bristles to help give

    waves a smoother finish when brushing out.

    1. 3. 2.

    5. 4. 6.

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    The faux bob.

    1. Complete steps through 1-4 of Look #1 (unless you have naturally wavy hair or want a smoother looking bob) then section off your 'longer' side. 2-3. Brush remaining hair to achieve a smooth, tidy ponytail, and place your hair tie near the end of your hair length.

    4-5. Fold the ponytail under and roll hair up to sit just above your shoulders and secure with bobby pins. 6-8. Coming back to the front, remove the sectioning clip and fluff up hair ends with a pronged comb to create fullness and texture, mist with hairspray, roll hair under loosely and pin.

    CREDITS: Hair by Lisa Matson / Model: Billie (Red Eleven Models) / Photography by Mike Rooke

    1. 3. 2.

    5. 6.






    Master TipUse the position of your finger tips, that hold your hair in place, as your guide for where to

    secure your bobby pins.

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    LOOK #3High ponytail.

    1-2. Take a section of hair from the front and spray with a setting lotion or medium hold hairspray, comb through, then wind around a medium to large barrel tong, holding for 10-15 seconds. 3-4. Take the curl and barrel roll under to roots, securing, off base, with a set clip. Repeat down centre of head to nape (like a Mohawk), followed by the sides. Allow time to cool - 20mins or more.

    5. Remove rollers and brush curls to loosen. Sprinkle volume powder through roots to create more lift.

    6. Gather hair from the front (the width of the forehead) and secure at back, lifting it upwards to create height, before sliding in your bobby pin.

    7. Leaving a side section out, brush and gather the rest of the hair up into a high ponytail, a little below the hair section you just secured. 8. Finish by bringing the remaining hair back and wrapping the full length of it around the base of your ponytail. Secure firmly with 2-3 small bobby pins.

    CREDITS: Hair by Lisa Matson / Model: Nicola (Nova Models) / Photography by Mike Rooke

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    5. 6. 7.



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    LOOK #4Vintage inspiration.

    1. 2.

    3. 4. 5.

    1. Using the high ponytail look as your base, split the ponytail in half then in half again so you're left with 4 sections (NB: Our image shows two sections completed already).

    2. Take a section, split it in half and twist strands together, down to ends. 3. Holding the end of the hair securely pull at sections of the twist until it resembles a loose, uneven plait.

    4-5. Next coil hair up and secure with bobby pins. Repeat with other sections, placing the 4 coils in a plus (+) like pattern. Spritz with hairspray to set.

    CREDITS: Hair by Lisa Matson / Model: Nicola (Nova Models) / Photography by Mike Rooke

    Master Tip

    Change it up. Instead of twisting sections create a different look with... Plaits- go for a classic plait or a fishtail one. Volume- instead of sectioning the ponytail just tease all the hair on the underside of the pony to create volume brush smooth the top then wind into a full bun or knot.

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