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<ul><li><p> Guide To Become a Freelance Android Developer </p><p>Android Development is one of the hottest new fields available. It has limitless potential and android </p><p>development has altered the way you surf the internet, check for updates on social media and even play </p><p>online games. Android applications have the ability to move people from all over the world, make lasting </p><p>impressions. </p><p>Consider games like Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick studios. It is one of the most popular android games in the </p><p>world. There have been others with similar acclaim. However, developing games certainly does not </p><p>encompass the totality of an Android developers life, but it can be a significant part nonetheless. </p><p>There are many reasons why you should consider taking up freelancing. For some of you, it is the extra </p><p>income, for others it is the promise of working from home. Android development, a viable and </p><p>comfortable career option, is one that can fetch you money and credibility; it ultimately leads to what </p><p>most you desire, a financially secure life. </p><p>Job Duties for Freelance Android Developer: </p><p>Freelance Android developers are responsible for developing new and enhancing existing software using </p><p>various technologies. Apart from development, re-engineering and up-gradation there are other duties </p><p>that an Android developer must undertake, some of which include: </p><p> Liaising with the Technical Support team in diagnosing bugs and other issues in products </p><p> Liaising with the QA team with new product releases and bug fixes for products </p><p> Liaising with Technical Writers with the development of Help Systems for the products </p><p> Developing, upgrading and re-engineering the application </p><p> Conceptualising the application and predicting the outcomes in a real-world environment </p></li><li><p>Skills : </p><p>Android developers must be skilful; it goes without saying, or typing, or even swyping on your </p><p>handheld. They must possess important skills to be at the apex. Some of the skills that can help you </p><p>begin such a journey include: </p><p> An eye for detail </p><p> Critical Thinking </p><p> Time Management </p><p> Adaptability </p><p> Commitment to high quality work </p><p> Mobile user-interface design </p><p> Backend computing </p><p> Programming </p><p> Business Expertise </p><p>There are many paid-for and free forums, videos and info-graphics to help you develop the skills needed </p><p>to learn Android development online. Vogella, Developer Android, Techno Talkative, Udemy and The </p><p>New Boston are popular online destinations for you to develop the skills you need. </p></li><li><p>Being Successful as a Freelance Video Editor: </p><p>There are many ways you can become a moderately famous and top-end application developer for the </p><p>Android operating system. You should consider learning some tricks of the trade and continuously being </p><p>up-to-date with the world of application development to be able to make a decent living of the job. </p><p>Some of the ways you can do so include: </p><p> Learn how to give your app the tools to make it succeed in todays App Store </p><p> Have an expertise in Java and Android SDK </p><p> Learn to market and increase downloads for your app by using simple and proven techniques </p><p> Have expertise in PhoneGap HTML5 framework for developing Android apps. </p><p>You must be well versed in: </p><p> Xamarin C#.NET framework for developing Android apps. </p><p> Corona SDK Lua (primarily for games, but provides widgets for non-game apps) for developing </p><p>android applications </p></li><li><p>Average Remunerations </p><p>Your ability to network and the credibility of your work with previous employers can affect your </p><p>revenue, as an Android developer. </p><p>Usually freelance portals offer two generic kinds of payment models to freelancers. Fixed-price, where </p><p>the price is usually pre-determined and a budget is sanctioned which you can bid for, and the hourly </p><p>payment model where the employer decides on an hourly pay. A fixed-price model may range from $30-</p><p>150 upwards, while you have to pitch for hourly projects, which usually range from $5-35 an hour, with </p><p>average payments at $22 per hour. </p><p>Finding Work: </p><p>Many portals, forums and websites offer you many opportunities to freelance as an Android developer. </p><p>Freelancing has opened up the way we view work: and the trend only continues to rise. There is no </p><p>dearth of applications created for Android and other handheld platforms. </p><p>People per hour, Elaknce, Freelancer, Odesk and Guru list many jobs for freelance android developers, </p><p>and you can bid for most of these jobs by registering onto such portals, to find your dream job. </p><p>Resources: </p><p>There are many resources available for you to begin freelance IOS app development as a career. Vogella, </p><p>Developer Android, Techno Talkative, Udemy and The New Boston are popular online destinations. </p><p>These resources offer many paid-for and free forums, videos and info-graphics to help you develop the </p><p>skills you will need as an android developer. </p><p>For more information on Freelance Resource please visit </p></li></ul>