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  • Guide To Become a Freelance Android Developer

    Android Development is one of the hottest new fields available. It has limitless potential and android

    development has altered the way you surf the internet, check for updates on social media and even play

    online games. Android applications have the ability to move people from all over the world, make lasting


    Consider games like Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick studios. It is one of the most popular android games in the

    world. There have been others with similar acclaim. However, developing games certainly does not

    encompass the totality of an Android developers life, but it can be a significant part nonetheless.

    There are many reasons why you should consider taking up freelancing. For some of you, it is the extra

    income, for others it is the promise of working from home. Android development, a viable and

    comfortable career option, is one that can fetch you money and credibility; it ultimately leads to what

    most you desire, a financially secure life.

    Job Duties for Freelance Android Developer:

    Freelance Android developers are responsible for developing new and enhancing existing software using

    various technologies. Apart from development, re-engineering and up-gradation there are other duties

    that an Android developer must undertake, some of which include:

    Liaising with the Technical Support team in diagnosing bugs and other issues in products

    Liaising with the QA team with new product releases and bug fixes for products

    Liaising with Technical Writers with the development of Help Systems for the products

    Developing, upgrading and re-engineering the application

    Conceptualising the application and predicting the outcomes in a real-world environment

  • Skills :

    Android developers must be skilful; it goes without saying, or typing, or even swyping on your

    handheld. They must possess important skills to be at the apex. Some of the skills that can help you

    begin such a journey include:

    An eye for detail

    Critical Thinking

    Time Management


    Commitment to high quality work

    Mobile user-interface design

    Backend computing


    Business Expertise

    There are many paid-for and free forums, videos and info-graphics to help you develop the skills needed

    to learn Android development online. Vogella, Developer Android, Techno Talkative, Udemy and The

    New Boston are popular online destinations for you to develop the skills you need.

  • Being Successful as a Freelance Video Editor:

    There are many ways you can become a moderately famous and top-end application developer for the

    Android operating system. You should consider learning some tricks of the trade and continuously being

    up-to-date with the world of application development to be able to make a decent living of the job.

    Some of the ways you can do so include:

    Learn how to give your app the tools to make it succeed in todays App Store

    Have an expertise in Java and Android SDK

    Learn to market and increase downloads for your app by using simple and proven techniques

    Have expertise in PhoneGap HTML5 framework for developing Android apps.

    You must be well versed in:

    Xamarin C#.NET framework for developing Android apps.

    Corona SDK Lua (primarily for games, but provides widgets for non-game apps) for developing

    android applications

  • Average Remunerations

    Your ability to network and the credibility of your work with previous employers can affect your

    revenue, as an Android developer.

    Usually freelance portals offer two generic kinds of payment models to freelancers. Fixed-price, where

    the price is usually pre-determined and a budget is sanctioned which you can bid for, and the hourly

    payment model where the employer decides on an hourly pay. A fixed-price model may range from $30-

    150 upwards, while you have to pitch for hourly projects, which usually range from $5-35 an hour, with

    average payments at $22 per hour.

    Finding Work:

    Many portals, forums and websites offer you many opportunities to freelance as an Android developer.

    Freelancing has opened up the way we view work: and the trend only continues to rise. There is no

    dearth of applications created for Android and other handheld platforms.

    People per hour, Elaknce, Freelancer, Odesk and Guru list many jobs for freelance android developers,

    and you can bid for most of these jobs by registering onto such portals, to find your dream job.


    There are many resources available for you to begin freelance IOS app development as a career. Vogella,

    Developer Android, Techno Talkative, Udemy and The New Boston are popular online destinations.

    These resources offer many paid-for and free forums, videos and info-graphics to help you develop the

    skills you will need as an android developer.

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