Guaranteed Rankings and other SEO Myths

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search basicsFirst, for some

SEO is a scamMyth one:

They focus their learning and career on understanding GoogleSEOs are consultants.

try to trick search engines giving low quality sites good rankings.Black-hat SEOs

know how to transform websites into quality websitesWhite-hat SEOs

I dont need SEOMyth two:

Good SEO makes your site not just rank, but also easier to use. Accessibility.

SEO helps Google understand what your website is about.Help Google.

SEO ensures your site adheres to Googles ever changing standards.Stay relevant

Set it & forget itMyth three:

Google has become distrustful. SEO builds trust over time.You must build trust.

Good SEO helps Google find the right content for the right user.Sorting it all.

Google updates its algorithms approx. 550 times, every year.You must adapt.

Post something new to your website at least once a month.You must update.

The average time period required to see long-lasting, white-hat results.6 months.

SEO is FREEMyth four:

Either yours, or an external provider both have value.SEO requires time.

is the average time required to optimise an 12-18 page site, per year.216 hours

Link building is deadMyth five:

earnedof value to the user. They must beWhite-hat links are

Relevantfrom complementary sites. They must beWhite-hat links are

Uniquenot all the same. They must beWhite-hat links are

CONSISTENTgained slowly, over time. Linking must beWhite-hat links are

Who could you approach to link to your website?Consider

I need to rank #1 for THIS keywordMyth six:

Broad, single keyword queries have high competition and low clicks.Be specific.

Write content around common industry related queries.Complex queries.

Repetition = rankingsMyth seven:

Google checks to see if words related to your target keywords are present.Relevancy.

Only target one keyword phrase per page.Avoid confusion.

SEO is just KeywordsMyth eight:

Keywords are important, but so is site structure, site speed and how your site is builtQuality sites get rankings

Its all about page 1Myth nine:

It is not longer the top 10 search results sometimes its only 7.Page 1 is unpredictable

Search result pages include a lot of information aside from just results.Page 1 has distractions

Its about being #1Myth ten:

Include your keyword phrase in your meta title and description.SEO coding.

Meta title = 56 charactersMeta description = 156 charactersMeta data limits

Google ignores listed meta keywords and it gives away your SEO Strategy.Dont list keywords

I know my rankingMyth eleven:

Google knows your preferences and delivers search results just for you!Personalised search.

So, Googling yourself wont tell you how you rank to everyone.Your results are unique.

Any traffic is good Myth twelve:

how interested users are in your site. This is a top ranking factor.Google is watching

If your website isnt keeping users engaged you will never rank.Do something.