grief & loss stages elisabeth kubler-ross.  anytime we suffer a significant loss, we experience...

Download GRIEF & LOSS STAGES ELISABETH KUBLER-ROSS.  Anytime we suffer a significant loss, we experience grief.  The intensity of the grief depends on the loss

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  • Anytime we suffer a significant loss, we experience grief. The intensity of the grief depends on the loss. The loss could be the end of a meaningful relationship, the breakup of ones family, the death of a pet, the death of a family member IN GENERAL
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  • STAGE 1: DENIAL & ISOLATION Denial and/or shock are often a persons initial reaction followed by numbness. There may also be a feeling of isolation or helplessness. These feelings are an attempt to avoid reality by saying or thinking, It is all a bad dream and will go away. Buys us time to be able to cope with the loss.
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  • STAGE 2: ANGER Anger is a natural reaction, an outlet for resentment at being a victim. There may be envy of other who have not experienced such a loss. The person often takes out the anger on those close by friends and family. Why me?...
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  • STAGE 3: BARGAINING The person seeks to postpone the loss by making promises, often to God, to be a better person. Ill do this if you will only do
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  • STAGE 4: DEPRESSION The numbness, anger, and rage felt previously are now replaced with a sense of great loss. Feelings of great loneliness, isolation, helplessness, and sadness are characteristics of this stage.
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  • STAGE 5: ACCEPTANCE Facing reality in a constructive way. It allows for action. Learning from our mistakes and remembering the good times.
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  • OTHER NAMES FOR STAGES SHOCK Denial & Isolation SUFFERING Anger, Bargaining, and Depression RECOVERY - Acceptance
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  • FINAL NOTES Everyone goes through the stages at a different rate. We often bounce back and forth between the stages no specific order. It is possible to get stuck in a specific stage. At the anniversary of a loss, the some of the stages may be revisited. Everyone copes with loss in a different way.
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  • COPING 1. How can you cope with a loss in a healthy manner? 2. How can you help a friend cope with a loss?