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an app to help people modify behaviors around energy and water use in the home, with conservation rewards from utilities and private sponsor companies


  • 1. TEAM GREEN SEEDTEAM #20Leianne TanTong Sian ChooZulhilmi IcksanChong Yao LongEugene HuangShirlene LiewNigel Wylie

2. ** meter only read every 2 months 3. SUPER EASYbuild green habitsbe rewarded 4. FMCG companies Governmentas advertisersViability agencies pushing national agendaBrand loyaltyWater usage reductionGood image Database of behavioural patterns 5. ScalabilityApply to electricity usageExpand to other countries in regions 6. build green habitsbe rewarded 7. Leianne & Sian Choowinners of the natlclimate change comp 2011Nigelexec director thrive water ote ltdZul, Yao Long, Eugene Shirlene devs industry devThank you