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Do you like seafood? The get the health benefits of seafood and how to prepare delicious seafoods.


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2. Table Of Contents:- Great Health Benefits Of Seafood- Gourmet Seafood Is A Great Gift!- Seafood GlossaryGreat Health Benefits Of SeafoodSeafood contains essential oils that are an importantpart of your diet.Oils provide the source of energy we need and theyare also great flavor enhancers. More importantly,they are a source of significant fatty acids.Seafood oils are unique and have great nutritionalbenefits to our body. This oil contains the omega-3polyunsaturated fatty acids, specifically theeicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoicacid (DHA).Our body only produces small amounts of these important fatty acids; therefore we need to rely onother sources for this essential nourishment. Seafood is one of the best sources of these nutrients. Infact, oils are the second biggest components in most seafood.Eating seafood just once or twice a week can provide good health benefits. Eating fresh seafood is agreat way to obtain your required dose of these essential oils. Oils extracted from seafood are alsoavailable as nutritional supplements.Oils derived from seafood help prevent some of the most deadly diseases today, includingAlzheimer's disease, asthma, arteriosclerosis, bipolar disorder, bronchitis, cancer, heart diseases andmore.The omega-3 oils decrease the risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis.They are also beneficial to infants' brain and eye development. 3. The oils in seafood can also prevent osteoporosis. This is because the oils improve calciumabsorption in our bones and can prevent the bones from becoming brittle.According to recent findings, Omega-3 also helps improve people's immune functions, therebyreducing infections.Seafood oils are known to have properties that lower blood pressure, benefiting especially thosesuffering from hypertension.Another kind of oil found in seafood is the omega-6 fatty acid. This is important for growth andplays an important role in people's health and well-being.Eating a seafood diet can also help you reduce weight. For years, seafood has been part of manyweight loss programs. This is because, unlike diet pills, seafood is natural and has beneficialproperties to people.However, fish can rot quickly. Therefore, you should cook it the day you buy it. Here are some tipsfor preparing seafood:* If you do not plan to cook the fresh seafood the day you buy it, you should store it for no longerthan two days at very cold temperatures.* If you are going to thaw the fish, keep it in the refrigerator or thaw it under cold water. Do notleave it to thaw on your kitchen counter. This is because the nutritional value of the seafood maydiminish.* You can prepare many delicious seafood dishes from great seafood recipes. You can fry or grillseafood. You can combine it with fruits and vegetables to make it even more delicious. You canmarinate it and further enhance its flavor and get rid of its unique smell.* Some people do not want to eat seafood for fear of choking on the tiny bones. In this case you canrequest the fish store to help you remove these fish bones.Remember that seafood is not only delicious; it can also provide wonderful benefits to your health.Gourmet Seafood Is A Great Gift!Many people have distaste for the word gourmetuntil they learn the actual meaning of it. A gourmet issimply a person with a detailed knowledge of thefinest food and drink.The term originally came from the French wordgroumet which is a valet in charge of wine. Gourmetseafood, then, is the finest seafood.Sending gourmet seafood as a gift is a special andunique way of showing a person that you care forthem. 4. Gourmet seafood can be a gift to customers, clients or employees. There are many companies thatoffer a pleasing and tasty selection.Careful attention should be paid in order to make the best choice for your important customer.Sending the gift of gourmet seafood is giving the gift of the prize of New England.Your employee or customer will be very pleased and delighted with the surprise of gourmet seafoodarriving on their doorstep.You should carefully consider which company you choose before placing an order of gourmetseafood.Some firms can be easily contacted about the details of your shipment and readily give informationabout when it will be arriving to your customers and employees. Many companies even offerdiscounts on a large order, for example, if your gourmet seafood order totals over $500.The packages you can order include such favorites as Lobster Lovers Feast or Surf and Turf. Howabout a Maine Lobster Party, or maybe just one or two live Maine lobsters?A hearty Shrimp and Steak Classic, rustic Australian Rock Lobsters or a Classic New EnglandClambake can also be ordered. Of course, the prices of these gourmet seafood packages depend onthe quantity and the distance its being sent.How to Order Your Gourmet Seafood1. You should fill out a corporate gift order form and fax it in to the company. Or, if you prefer, thecustomer care line would be happy to take your order.2. Make sure your billing address and the address your credit card company has on file are thesame.3. Make sure you place an order well in advance, at least 48 hours prior to when you need it to beshipped, in order to avoid any emergencies. If your gourmet seafood company cannot process yourorder, they should contact you immediately and provide you with other options. Always ask for aconfirmation of the corrected order if this happens.4. The gourmet seafood company will contact you just before they process the order to your creditcard, in order to get your final confirmation.5. If you receive a discount, the gourmet seafood company will deduct it from the total, usuallybefore the shipping charges are added.6. Many gourmet seafood companies will notify the recipient via email, so theyll know when theyshould expect their package. They will also send you an email when the package has beensuccessfully delivered. 5. Seafood GlossaryEnjoying seafood is an excellent way to eat healthyand enjoy delicious meals. The following is a primerto help consumers select and enjoy seafood items.General Seafood TermsBlacken - to sear fish or seafood in a cast iron fryingpan or grill with high heat. The item is usuallyheavily coated with a blackening seasoning andtypically cooked rare in the center.Broil - to cook an item in the lower section of the oven where heat contacts the item from above.This method is good for browning the topside of a fillet or other seafood.Ceviche - also spelled cebiche or seviche. A form of citrus marinated seafood salad. Cevicheoriginated in Peru.Chowder - a rich soup using seafood, vegetables and either a tomato based or dairy based broth.Bisque - a rich spicy soup containing lobster, shrimp or other seafood.Fillet - a cut of fish which consists of one boneless side of the fish, either skin on or skin off.Farm raised - seafood which has been grown in containment and fed a controlled diet.Omega 3 - fish oil is an important source of Omega 3 fatty acids; eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) anddocosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil have numerous clinicallyproven health benefits.Sustainable - the ability of a population to be harvested and still reproduce enough for populationlevels to remain constant.Wild caught - seafood that have existed naturally and harvested from the environment.Seafood ItemsCatfish - this fish has white meat and a delicate flavor. Catfish are easily farm raised.Calamari - squid, prepared a variety of ways. Calamari is popular in several cuisines.Clams - a large group of shellfish. The most popular are hard clams which are eaten raw, steamed orin dishes such as chowders.Conch - this term is often applied to species of whelk, caught along the USA eastern seaboard.Whelk are large mollusks, similar to snails. The meat is tough but has a distinctive flavor. Whelk or"Conch" meat is popular in Oriental cuisine for dishes such as sushi. It is also popular in Caribbeancuisine and is used in chowders and other recipes. 6. Lobsters - large crustaceans, highly prized as a seafood delicacy. Northern or American lobsterscome from Canada or the Eastern USA. A second lobster is the spiny or rock lobster, found in theCaribbean and Mediterranean.Mahi-mahi - dolphinfish; a brightly colored pelagic fish. Mahi mahi is a white fish with adistinctive flavor. The meat is high in Omega 3 oil. Mahi mahi is often grilled or broiled.Mussels - small shellfish, popular in Mediterranean and other cuisine.Oysters - shellfish, often served raw or steamed in the shell.Shrimp - a term for several species of small crustaceans. Wild American shrimp include whiteshrimp (Litopenaeus setiferus), brown shrimp (Farfantepenaeus aztecus), pink shrimp (Penaeusduorarum), royal red shrimp (Pleoticus robustus or Hymenopenaeus robustus) and rock shrimp(Sicyonia brevirostris)Salmon - a group of fish, most sought after are Pacific salmon, of which there are several species.Salmon are available wild caught or farm raised. Salmon is known for it's visually appealing orangeor pink flesh and high Omega 3 oil content.Tilapia - a small, farm raised fish, with a mild white flesh.Online resources including offer consumers with a wide range ofinformation articles, news, recipes and suppliers of top quality fresh seafood that is available locallyor shipped to your door.If you like delicious Seafood Recipes like I do, there's no need to worry we havesome delicious recipes for you to prepare:- => Seafood RecipesBest Regards,