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  • 1. Great Futures Start with a Great Education Great Ed Douglas County
  • 2. Three Reasons to Care about Amendments 60, 61 and Prop 101:
    • Education - Our children wont get a 21st century education if we continue to disinvest
    • Jobs - 73,000 jobs will be lost if these three measures pass . Companies wont come to Colorado, creating new jobs and strengthening our economy and our kids futures.
    • Public safety, health, and transportation These services that support our communities will be at risk.
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  • 3. Great Futures Start with a Great Education . . . Is Colorado Making the Necessary Investments in our Future?
  • 4. How is Colorado doing?
    • 42nd in K-12 education per pupil funding (adjusted for cost of living)
    • 40th in elem. level pupil to teacher ratio
    • 41st in technology in our schools
    • 48th in per capita spending on higher ed
    • 46th in combined state and local taxes
  • 5.
  • 6. In other states
  • 7. Cuts to Public Schools
    • Statewide
    • 6.12 percent or $354 million (so far)
    • Over $400-500 per student
    • Result: Increased class size; school days, summer school cut; schools closed; furloughs & layoffs; transportation, activity & technology fees; art/ music/electives, mentoring & literacy staff cut.
    • Douglas County School District
    • 440 DCSD Jobs Eliminated from 09/10 to 10/11
    • -160 were classroom teachers
    • Fees for buses, technology and sports
    • Preparing for another 6 percent cut in 2011-12
  • 8. How Low Can Higher Ed Go? ** Colorado: 48th Higher Ed Funding (per capita)
  • 9. Cuts to Higher Education
    • Higher Ed
    • 2010-11: Funding propped up by federal stimulus dollars.
    • 2011-12: cuts of as much as $300 million in state aid anticipated when stimulus ends.
    • Result: Annual 9% increases in tuition, making higher ed less accessible; larger classes, shrinking course availability, potentially closed departments, campuses.
    • Deeper cuts expected for the current year and the 2011-12 year. . .
  • 10. When will it get better?
    • When will full day Kindergarten be free and Preschool more accessible?
    • When will our class sizes approach other states?
    • When will tuition stop increasing?
    • When will technology be on par with the national average?
    • When will we be able to restore art, music, PE, and Career Tech. classes?
  • 11. Never . Until we act.
  • 12. In fact, it could get even worse.
  • 13. AT A CROSSROADS Current Trajectory If A60, A61, or P101 pass Long Term Goal 2011-12 2010-11 2012-13 Investment ($)
  • 14. Spending per student declining in Douglas County More budget cuts are expected next year even if 60, 61, and 101 fail.
  • 15. Douglas County schools would be devastated by 60, 61, and 101 If 60, 61, and 101 pass spending per student plummets
  • 16. Proposition 101
    • Reduces Government Revenues
    • Reduces car registration, license fees, income tax rate, phone bill taxes. Result: $2+ billion/year (large proportion goes to schools)
    • Bottom line : Slashes revenues at state/local levels on the heels of $3+ billion in state cuts alone. Education cuts inevitable, resulting in larger class sizes, narrowing curriculum, higher tuition, higher fees.
    • DCSD estimates losing $16M over 5-yr period in Specific Ownership Tax when fully implemented
  • 17. Amendment 60
    • Limits Property Taxes & Voids TABOR Elections
    • Cuts local property taxes for schools in half without means for state to replace those lost local revenues.
    • Overrides past local de-Brucing elections.
    • Allows citizens to put mill levy reductions on ballot by petition.
    • Applies property tax to many colleges and universities.
    • Bottom line : Reverses voters will in previous elections resulting in increased class size, decreased opportunities, higher tuition, closed institutions.
    • DCSD estimates losing $80M over 10-year period under this measure
  • 18. Amendment 61
    • Limits Government Borrowing
    • Prohibits state from any use of debt to finance important projects over time. Colorado would be only state in the country with this restriction.
    • Would end the Build Excellent Schools Today program
    • Could result in March November school year in some districts.
    • DCSD would not be able to borrow until 2014, even if voters wanted to provide space to reduce class size.
    Bottom line : An end to state assistance for school construction, more expensive local school construction. District Impact: DCSD depends on interest-free loans. If passed, DCSD would lose $5.6M/yr, or $56M over 10-yr period, more than 70 teachers B.E.S.T.
  • 19. Prop 101, Amendment 60 & 61 Impact
    • Statewide:
    • At least $2.7 billion loss of local and state revenue for important community services.
    • Loss of thousands of jobs in public and private sector, including 8,000 educators
    Source: Looking Forward Colorado,
  • 20. Prop 101, Amendment 60 & 61 Impact
    • Douglas County School District:
    • If Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 pass, would reduce DCSD funding contribution by 40%, or $99M ($1,790/student) when fully implemented.
    • District will not be able to borrow until 2014
  • 21. Prop 101, Amendment 60 & 61 Impact
    • Douglas County Total Impact:
    • One-third reduction in annual revenue
    • 47% cut to Developmental Disabilities Fund
    • 47% cut to Road and Bridge Fund
    • 23% cut to Law Enforcement Authority Fund
    • 52% cut to Library funding
  • 22. Great Futures Start with a Great Education, but . . .
    • Colorados funding for preschool, K-12 and higher ed is already too low and being cut further.
    • A60, A61 and P101 would devastate our education system and make it impossible for our economy to recover or compete.
      • A60 Guts local support for schools
      • A61 Makes construction and health & safety repairs virtually impossible
      • Prop 101 Cuts $2+ billion out of district, local and state budgets that are already unable to meet the needs of their citizens.
    even mediocre education will be impossible if 60, 61 or 101 pass.


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