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To help PTISD offices, departments, and schools maintain a consistent, effective style and image in the communications and publications that they produce, PTISD has prepared this style guide. It includes basic rules of written communication, such as punctuation, abbreviations, and capitalization, as well as guidelines for formatting and the use of the approved district brands (seal and logo).


  • 1. District Logo/Graphic Standards& Style Guide Prepared by PTISDCommunication Department

2. Introduction The district has varying needsin designing materials forprint, web and other media.This guide includes sectionsthat address the various visualelements and styles used invarious media and theguidelines for their use. If youhave any questions orcomments please feel free tocontact the office . Your input is valued andappreciated. 3. Our Brand The official PTISD motto is:A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE FOR ALL The official tagline is:Student-Centered Schools. Future-Ready Students. Community Connected 4. Our Brand The official PTISD motto is:A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE FOR ALL The official tagline is:Student-Centered Schools. Future-Ready Students. Community Connected 5. The MissionOur mission is to continue a tradition ofexcellence byproviding a high-quality and challenging educational environment, maximizing opportunities for the success of all students, equipping them to become responsible, involved, and productive citizens. 6. Using the LogoThe official colors are navy blue andgold see color guide below. Thelogo may be used in black and white,solid navy blue or reversed out on ablack or navy background.Color Guide The Pantone colors should be used in every possible situation. Do not use alternate colors. Navy Blue PANTONE 539 Gold PANTONE 116 7. LOGO FontOur official font in the PTISD logotype and wordmark is MINION PRO SEMIBOLD for PINE TREE FUTURA BOLD CONDENSED for INDEPENDENTSCHOOL DISTICT.The font in the logotype or the word mark may not bealtered or changed. The words Pine and Tree are separatedinto two words and always on top for the logo. 8. Logo Mark 9. On Black or Dark Background 10. The Official Seal Two Color Official Colors Blue - PANTONE 539 Gold/Yellow - PANTONE 116 11. Official SealWhenever possible thelogo/logotype should beprinted in two colors: Blueand Gold. However, whentwo colors are notpossible, the logo may beprinted in blue only orblack only. 12. Official Seal on Dark Background 13. One Color and Black 14. Business CardsCards may be created witha vertical design orhorizontal design. Contactthe communication officeto get a template forordering new businesscards. You will need toprovide your name, title,and contact information. 15. Letterhead This example is for acampus admin/teacher. The school name willappear in the upper leftcorner and is set inTimes New Roman type.The address will becentered at the bottomof the page with a halfinch margin. 16. Multimedia Guidelines It is critical that the district logobe used properly on allmultimedia presentations. Thisincludes the Internet andPowerPoint presentations. Thelogo must have a transparentbackground if being used on topof a color background in order toavoid having a white box behindit. PowerPoint templates and logoswith a transparent backgroundare available for download on thedistrict website. If you needassistance, please contact theCommunication Office. 17. Emails E-mails used for district-related purposes need to bemore formal, polished, andprofessional in tone as wellas concise and easy to read. Always be aware that by lawall PTISD e-mails are publicdocuments open to publicscrutiny. Use black or dark colors fortype in e-mails; avoid usingbright or lightly shadedtype, only because it can bedifficult to read. 18. Emails All employees are encouragedto review district policy onappropriate use of e-mail andthe network. The policy can befound on the TechnologyDepartment Web site. Also, it is always good to keepyour signature informationcurrent. To view yourinformation, open an e-mailthat you have sent anddouble-click on your name atthe top of the e-mail. Addinginformation to your signatureis a great way to shareinformation. 19. Names and Title GuidelinesSpecific standards that apply to the names and titles of things and peoplein our organization are outlined below.Pine Tree Independent SchoolDistrict The formal name, the Pine Tree Independent School District, should always be used in the first reference in any communication. It should be followed by (PTISD) to specify subsequent references. It may also be referred to as the district (not capitalized) in subsequent references. 20. Names and Title GuidelinesSpecific standards that apply to the names and titles of things and peoplein our organization are outlined below.Superintendent of Schools and OtherTitles The formal position title issuperintendent of schools. Likeall titles (principal, regionalsuperintendent, manager, etc.), it iscapitalized only when used as aformal title before the name, suchas Superintendent of Schools TJFarler. This title should always beused in the first reference of anycommunication. Subsequentreferences may be written as thesuperintendent of schools, thesuperintendent, or Dr. Farler. 21. Names and Title Guidelines Academic DegreesIn listsof individuals that appear informal programs and oninside cover pages of officialdistrict documents, indicateadvanced degrees(doctorate). Do so usingabbreviations with periodsand no spaces (e.g., DanielJones, Ph.D.; Mary Smith,Ed.D.). 22. Names and Title Guidelines Board of TrusteesThe formal title of the governing body is the Pine Tree Independent School District Board of Trustees. This should always be used in the first reference of any communication. Subsequent references may be the board (not capitalized) or school board. To maintain consistency in communications, please do not use Board of Education. An individual is referred to as either a trustee, school-board member, or board member. These individual titles are capitalized only when used as a formal title before the name. 23. Names and Title GuidelinesOffices and Departments Capitalize the word in plural In PTISD, organizational unitsuses as well (e.g., the Human that report directly to theResources and Communication superintendent of schools areOffices). Use a lowercase o called offices. These director d in the office or the report offices are made up of department in subsequent departments. Capitalize thereferences (e.g. Almost every word office or departmentemployee in the department in the name of an office orattended the fitness rally.) department (e.g., the Office of Facility Services, the Office of Human Resources, the Special Education Department). 24. School CampusesUse the following namesfor campuses and addgrade levels whenever appropriate: Primary Campus, grades PK-K (PTP) Elementary Campus, grades 1-2 (PTE) Intermediate Campus, grades 3-4 (PTI) Middle School Campus, grades 5-6 (PTM) Junior High Campus, grades 7-8 (PTJH) PT High School Campus, grades 9-12 (PTHS) ExCEL High School Campus, grades 9-12 (PTEx) P.A.C.E. Alternative Campus 25. Facility Names Pirate Center NewestGymnasium on thePTHS campus High School Theater (not Little Theater) Pine Tree RoadAuditorium Next tothe Primary Campus Central Administrationand Tax Office 26. Facility Names Pine Tree PirateStadiumLocated on Pine Tree Road as of 10/2012.Check back for updates on designated namesfor new and existing stadium. 27. ContactFOR QUESTIONS & ASSISTANCE, CONTACT: Director of Communication, Vickie Echols 903-295-5136 /


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