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Grand Avenue is not your average transportation service. Top quality vehicles and professional chauffeurs makes Grand Avenue the leader in diversified transportation. With Affiliates in over 465 cities worldwide, Grand Avenue has the ability to be a one stop shop for all your transportation needs. Visit or give us a call at 615.714.5466 Be Driven.


<ul><li> 1. HEADER Bullet Bullet Bullet</li></ul> <p> 2. HEADER Bullet Bullet Bullet 3. HEADER Bullet Bullet Bullet 4. COMPANY HEADER OVERVIEW Founded in 2009 by former healthcare executive Bullet Carl Haley Jr., now CEO and President. Bullet Bullet 5. COMPANY OVERVIEW HEADER Bullet Bullet BulletServes more than 3,000 clients nationwide 6. KEY AREAS OF SERVICE HEADER Bullet Bullet Bulletfor business travelfor special eventscustomized transportation and concierge service 7. HEADER Bullet Bullet Bullet 8. HEADER Most diverse fleet in Nashville Bullet Bullet Bullet 9. HEADER transportation in more than Coordinated 465 cities worldwide Bullet Bullet Bullet 10. HEADER Bullet Bullet Bullet 11. Vehicle styles HEADER and sizes to suit any event Bullet Bullet Bullet 12. Customized car service for weddings, client meetings HEADER or other outings Bullet Bullet Bullet 13. Transportation to and from concerts HEADER or sporting events Bullet Bullet BulletCourtesy Tennessee Titans 14. HEADER Bullet Bullet Bullet 15. HEADER services to meet Concierge your every need Bullet Bullet Bullet 16. Discounts, HEADERreservations and exclusive accessto restaurants, cultural locations and high end partners in Nashville Bullet Bullet Bullet 17. On-demand HEADER pick-up at any time Bullet Bullet Bullet 18. HEADER Bullet Bullet Bullet 19. VERSATILE, CONTEMPORARY VEHICLESHEADERand DVD players for both mobile meetings TVs, tables and traveling parties Bullet Bullet Bullet 20. VERSATILE, CONTEMPORARY VEHICLESHEADER business or personal connections Wi-Fi for Bullet Bullet Bullet 21. HEADER Bullet Bullet Bullet 22. REASONS TO RELY ON GRAND AVENUEHEADEROpen and staffed 24/7 Bullet Bullet Bullet 23. REASONS TO RELY ON GRAND AVENUEHEADERFully-trained customer Bullet service representatives Bullet Bullet 24. REASONS TO RELY ON GRAND AVENUEHEADERRigorous driver training Bullet Bullet Bullet 25. REASONS TO RELY ON GRAND AVENUEHEADERInsurance limits at five times the Bullet states requirements Bullet Bullet 26. HEADER Bullet Bullet Bullet 27. PROVIDING ADDED VALUE HEADER Enterprise resource planning software for online booking, customized reporting Bullet and accounting Bullet Bullet 28. PROVIDING ADDED VALUE HEADER Bullet Bullet BulletVehicle GPS tracking provides silent dispatch-to-driver communication and peace of mind for clients 29. PROVIDING ADDED VALUE HEADER Client-branded web portals for quick and easy reservations from any computer, PDA or smart phone Bullet Bullet Bullet 30. HEADER Bullet Bullet Bullet 31. CONNECTIONS IN 465 CITIES HEADER Local personnel monitor travel start Bullet to finish, no matter the destination Bullet Bullet 32. CONNECTIONS IN 465 CITIES HEADER Established affiliates ensure superior Bulletservice Bullet Bullet 33. CONNECTIONS IN 465 CITIES HEADER Staff adept at negotiating international Bullet travel Bullet Bullet 34. CONNECTIONS IN 465 CITIES HEADER Affiliates can accommodate groups of Bullet all sizes Bullet Bullet 35. HEADER Bullet Bullet Bullet 36. HEADER COMMITMENT TO CLIENT SATISFACTION Emphasis on professionalism Bullet at all levels Bullet Bullet 37. HEADER COMMITMENT TO CLIENT SATISFACTION Risk management to evaluate training and anticipate Bullet future customer needs Bullet Bullet 38. HIGH STANDARDS HEADER Sharing and learning from the best practices in Bullet ground transportation Bullet Bullet 39. HIGH STANDARDSHEADERLEED Silver-certified corporate headquarters and garage Bullet Bullet Bullet 40. HIGH STANDARDSHEADERReducing emissions and environmental footprint Bullet through fuel-use tracking and GPS-informed route design Bullet Bullet 41. HEADER Bullet Bullet Bullet 42. BUILDING COMMUNITYHEADER Bullet Bullet Bullet 43. HEADER Bullet Bullet Bullet 44. HEADER Bullet Bullet Bullet 45. CARL HALEY JR. President and Chief Executive Officer chaley@grandavenueworldwide.comHEADER Oversees business development, operations, marketing and fleet management Worked before as executive vice president of Aim Healthcare, and Bullet prior as director of operations at SallieMae Bullet Bullet SCOTT HILBURN Operations Manager Oversees day-to-day planning, implementation and management of Operations Team Previously worked as a Chauffeur and Dispatcher and is well schooled in all facets of the Operations Department 46. MORGAN TAYLOR Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer and Public Relations mtaylor@grandavenueworldwide.comHEADER Has been with Grand Avenue sine the companys earliest days In charge of VIP clientele, big party moves and special events Previous experience as a Customer Service Representative, Bullet Dispatcher, Account Manager Manages Grand Select clientele Bullet NANCY NEAL Bullet Account Oversees all accounting functions of Grand Avenue which include Account Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll and Financial Reporting Previous experience with Nissan Trading Corporation Americans as Financial Supervisor 47. HEADER Bullet Bullet Bullet 48. HEADER Bullet Bullet Bullet 49. HEADER Bullet Bullet Bullet </p>