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    NEWSLETTER TERM 2, WEEK 9 Principal: Mrs Anne-Maree Young Penney Street, Goolgowi, NSW, 2652 T 02 6965 1207 F 02 6965 1309 E [email protected]

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    Calendar *Please note dates from week to week as there are occasionally some changes.

    Term 2, 2019

    Week 9 Friday 28 June Soccer Gala Day

    Week 10 Thursday 4 July Small Schools Athletics

    Carnival Friday 5 July Assembly - NAIDOC Last day Term 2

    Term 3, 2019

    Week 1 Monday 22 July SDD - No Students Tuesday 23 July Students Return

    Notes coming home this week

     Nil


    Wed. 26 June - Mary-Ellen Armanini & Sharon Domjahn Wed. 3 July - Janaya Clark & Billy Jo Clark

    Student of the Month

    Haley Marshall

    For showing reliance and care for others.

    Principal’s Message

    Cooperation - Respect – Responsibility

    School Athletics Carnival

    Congratulations to all the students for their participation in our annual athletics carnival. It was great to see the team spirit and students encouraging others to do their best. The competition was definitely fierce. A special thank you to Gillian Star, Sharon Domjahn, Penny Headrick, Allana Shaw and Ian Langridge for marking out the fields on Thursday afternoon. The carnival was a great success due to the assistance of family and friends who helped in so many different ways; this is greatly appreciated. Thank you to Mrs Brown and Miss Sim for their organisation and to all the staff who helped the students practise and ran events on the day.

    Semester 1 Reports

    At present, teachers are preparing the students’ Semester 1 reports. They will go home on Wednesday 3 July. The reports will give an indication of the students’ strengths and areas for improvement in aspects of their academic and social growth and their commitment to learning. As formal interviews were conducted in Term 1, there will be no times set aside for interviews but parents and carers are more than welcome to contact their child’s class teacher to discuss their progress.

    Fundraising for New iPads

    Thank you to everyone who has donated to our fundraising; so far we have been able to raise $5,660. Our Robotics and Coding fundraising finishes in 16 days time. We put a post on Facebook so it would be great if you could share it with five others and extend our fundraising network out into the wider community. I understand that the drought has had a huge impact on the community but if you have friends, family, clients or businesses who would like to donate to our

    Lionel Young

  • Term 2, Week 8 Tuesday 25 June 2019

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    worthy cause and receive a tax deduction, please ask them to go to the following website: coding-goolgowi-ps/. This year, we are raising funds to purchase 10 iPads, a fileserver to manage them and a subscription to ZuluDesk to download apps.

    Woolworths Earn & Learn

    The Woolworths Earn & Learn promotion ends on Tuesday 25 June. If you have any stickers, could you please send them into school as soon as possible so that we can finalise the number of stickers collected and then order our new equipment?

    Thank you for your support.

    Anne-Maree Young Principal

    in the classrooms?

    K/1/2 News

    This week in K/1/2 we have been practising our discussion techniques. Our key phrases are:

    I think…

    I agree with…

    I would like to add to…

    I have an idea…

    I disagree with… because…

    We are trying to build our language across all KLAs to increase student talk and make more meaningful discussions.

    In maths we have been practising number talks, discussing how we worked out our answers and how different number combinations can build a number. Here is one of our number talks about the number 5.

    And here we are sharing everything we know about scales.

    We also talked about this week’s value Respect. This is what we came up with.

    Miss Sim

  • Term 2, Week 8 Tuesday 25 June 2019

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    3/4 News

    This week students will begin writing a new persuasive writing piece on an environmental topic after responding to some texts last week. We will be focusing on summarising this week as our comprehension strategy. Students will be developing their note taking and organising main ideas to help them write their persuasive text. In maths we will continue to practise our times tables and this week we will focus again on fractions. Year 4 will revise improper fractions and Year 3 will continue looking at mixed numeral fractions. In measurement, the class will focus on measuring the mass of objects accurately.

    Students were using whiteboards in the classroom to develop their sentence structure during spelling activities.

    Miss Gordon/Mrs Young

    5/6 News

    I was very impressed with all the students’ participation at the athletics carnival on Friday. It was lovely to see them all encouraging each other in the track and field events. This Friday, the students have another busy sporting day with most students heading to Griffith to play in the small school’s soccer team.

    In our writing unit on persuasive texts, all the students wrote some fantastic pieces on trying to convince different audiences to go down an action-packed waterslide. This week

    we are going to use Andy Lee’s text Do Not Open This Book to write an imaginative persuasive text using humour and exaggeration.

    Describing and interpreting data presented in tables, dot plots and graphs is our focus in maths. The students will also develop skills constructing tables, column graphs and dot plots from collected data.

    Mrs Liddicoat

    PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) PBL focus for this week:

    Value: Respect

    Focus: Use the toilets correctly

    Action: Go to the toilet, wash your hands and return to your class or the playground.


    Congratulations to our weekly award winners:

    Miss Sim

     Talon - for showing sportsmanship and excellent enthusiasm throughout the athletics carnival.

     Lucy - for giving every event her best at the athletics carnival.

    Miss Gordon/Mrs Young

     Chloe - for an enthusiastic approach to learning new concepts.

    Mrs Liddicoat

     Charlie - for great participation and wonderful effort encouraging other students at the athletics carnival.

  • Term 2, Week 8 Tuesday 25 June 2019

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    PBL Awards

    Canteen Voucher - Sam

    Whole School Positive Behaviour Reward

    Last Friday students at Goolgowi Public School dressed in the school values colours; purple, orange, and green. Students dressed in mufti clothing to celebrate the whole school reward that they had reached after collecting value slips. Students receive value slips for demonstrating the school values respect, responsibility and cooperation in both the classroom and playground. It was great to see so many students dress up. This is an exciting reward and the students should be very proud of their efforts as a whole school.

    Sports News

    Athletics Carnival

    Athletics Carnival Results

    Senior Boy 800m - 1st Joshua Jackson 2nd Dylan Litchfield 3rd Jordon Williams Senior Girl 800m - 1st Haley Marshall 2nd Annabell Liddicoat 3rd Jorja Srdoc Junior Boy 800m - 1st Austin Shaw 2nd Samuel Liddicoat 3rd George McKenzie Junior Girl 800m - 1st Charlotte Star 2nd Bronwyn Domjahn 3rd Yalarah Smith

    5yr Girl 50m - 1st Reagan Liddicoat 2nd Elizabeth Domjahn 6yr Boy 50m - 1st Max Armanini 2nd Charlie Bunn 6yr Girl 50m - 1st Olivia McKenzie 2nd Dekota Rayner-Hinschen 3rd Enara Siddall 7yr Boy 50m - 1st Noah Clark 2nd Harry Liddicoat 3rd Tyler Young 8yr Boy 100m - 1st Austin Shaw 2nd Cooper Headrick 3rd George McKenzie 8yr Girl 100m - 1st Yalarah Smith 2nd Bronwyn Domjahn 3rd Lexie Young 9yr Boy 100m - 1st Rylan Hetherington 2nd Samuel Liddicoat 9yr Girl 100m - 1st Chloe Domjahn 10yr Boy 100m - 1st Laurie Beasley 10yr Girl 100m - 1st Charlotte Star 2nd Jewel Shaw 11yr Boy 100m - 1st Joshua Jackson 2nd Jordon Williams 3rd Jarod Harris 11yr Girl 100m - 1st Haley Marshall 2nd Jorja Srdoc 3rd Annabell Liddicoat 12yr Boy 100m - 1st Dylan Litchfield 2nd Dustin McIntyre 3rd Samvir Singh-Clark Senior Boy 200m - 1st Dylan Litchfield 2nd Joshua Jackson 3rd Dustin McIntyre Senior Girl 200m - 1st Haley Marshall 2nd Jorja Srdoc 3rd Annabell Liddicoat J