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  1. 1. azne t m arke t m m/dentists-yo u-better-be-o n-go o gle-plus/Google Plus For Dentists - Learn Why Right HereMike PedersenT he title was meant to wake you up if you own a dentalpractice and are not on google+ yet.By the end of this article, my hope is you will head on overASAP and get set up on google plus, both with your prof ileAND your business listing, which is called Google+ Local.As of right now, google owns the game. Most people searchon google when they are looking f or a local service orbusiness, such as a dental practice.Because of this, we need to play their game. And part of thatis joining Google Plus via a gmail account. It is somewhatstraight f orward, but can be a little f rustrating at f irst. Justhang in there, because it will be worth it in the end.Google Local Business Listings For DentistsI want you to take a look at the image to your right.See in the red box? T hat is the prominent f irst page sectionof google that is f or businesses. See how they are ABOVEthe organic (natural) rankings?T his is critical f or you to grasp, as studies show people clickon results that are higher on the page, and these listings areright below the google ads, which most people ignore, asthey know they are ads.Which puts them right in the site line of the visitor, theref oregarnering a majority of the clicks.Google ReviewsAnother critical f actor with having your google+ local listing is the ability to get reviews f rom happy patients.Google is weighing more importance on reviews, and they are most def initely af f ecting rankings in both thebusiness and natural listings.As google builds out this entire plan, youll soon see how it all integrates, and how important it is to have it allin place going f orward.T hese reviews are not only important f or rankings, but people are taking more time in researching localbusinesses, including dental practices, and they are def initely reading the reviews.If you dont have any, and your competitor doesthey win! If you have negative reviews and your competitorshave positive onesthey win again!
  2. 2. Notice my client above. Hes got 10 reviews, and nearly a perf ect scoreand his picture is showing becausethe authorship has been done correctly. FYI he is the ONLY google+ local business listing showing a photo.T he power to af f ect your practice is def initely in the hands of your patients, so hopef ully your in-of f iceprocedures are at the highest level to produce great reviews.Google+ Prof ileI know this can get conf using, but your prof ile is more of a personal page, but equally as important to youroverall google and search engine marketing strategy. You seeyour prof ile gives you the opportunity to linkout to all your web properties like your dental website, blog, f acebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, pinterest, andany other social account you have created.Google will see all of these links pointing out to your properties and give you a higher ranking in the searchresults. T his is not the only strategy you should use to rank in google, but its an important one to say theleast.Your prof ile also gives you an opportunity to show more of the personal side to you so people can see yourlikes, interests, f amily and passions. T his brings a human touch to you on the Internet. People will see you asreal and someone they want to work with.Google AuthorshipI dont want to get too technical in this article, but in f uturearticles I will go in much greater depth on each topic.What authorship does is allow you to own your content.When google sees you author prof ile linked to your content,they will start building a trust in you as a top notch dentist,and this in turn will help you get your content ranked higher ingoogle, bringing you more traf f ic to your website, andpotential calls to your practice.T his is a client of mine ranked f irst page google f or a greatterm, and notice his picture is the ONLY one on the page.T hat is because we have implemented google authorship, andits working nicely. When you see an image next to a result,you are more apt to want to click on that result.Also google, has another link called More By which peoplecan click on to consume more of the content of your website.Can you see how powerf ul this is? And, how given this example, no one is doing it in the dental niche?In the dental niche, authorship is not being implemented at all (except f or my clients ); which gives you ahuge advantage over your local competitors. If you can be f irst to market with authorship, you will start to
  3. 3. own the f irst page of google with your content.Im going to end this article now, but I hope this has opened your eyes to what google is up to, and what youneed to do to win over your local market. T his was not meant to be a how to article; Ill do that in the nearf uture.Do You Need Help Wit h Your Google+ Presence? Cont act Us Today To Schedule ACompliment ary St rat egy SessionMike Pedersen+Mike Pedersen has been an Internet Marketing Specialist f or 13 years, and is now helping localdentists attract more patients using strategic Internet and Mobile Marketing plans specif ic to theneeds of the practice.inShare03