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Introduction to Google Drive and Google Docs for lecturers and students. Google Drive and Google Docs extend the ability of collaboration, sharing and file management beyond the limitations of email (and its perilous version control) and hard drive/network drive (with their difficult off site access). This slideshow is based on a session that was run with colleagues to explain the uses of Google Drive and Google Docs (also how Google Docs differ from normal files). Matt Cornock, University of York.


  • 1.Google DriveNeer Fear The Cloud CornockDepartment of Social Policy and Social Work

2. Files vs Google Docs: FilesPhoto (cc-by) Matt CornockFiles (Word, PPT, PDF) need downloadingbefore editing and re-uploading afterediting. Use Google Drive sync on your PCor Mac to do it automatically. 3. Files vs Google Docs: Google DocsPhoto (cc-by) Matt CornockGoogle Docs exist in the cloud and areedited in a web browser. 4. Reasons: Archive spacePhoto (cc-by) Matt CornockIts easier to put frequently used files ona network drive. Google Drive is suitedfor archives, sharing and collaboration. 5. Reasons: Its not emailPhoto (cc-by) Matt CornockEmail attachments can lead to badversion control. Google Drive can be usedto host normal files too (Word, PPT, PDF). 6. Reasons: CollaborationPhoto (cc-by) Matt CornockCollaborating on a single copy of a GoogleDoc can take place simultaneously. 7. Reasons: CommentingPhoto (cc-by) Matt CornockShare a Google Doc for commenting andfeedback is collated in a single place. 8. Reasons: TemplatingPhoto (cc-by) Matt CornockTutor shares a template, template copiedby students in Google Docs, studentsshare to friends, to tutor or to the world. 9. Reasons: Colleague independencyPhoto (cc-by) Matt CornockSharing essential documents providesaccess to the definitive version evenwhen the keeper is otherwise indisposed. 10. Reasons: Multiple devicesPhoto (cc-by) Matt CornockAccess through any web browser andGoogle Drive apps for many devices. 11. Reasons: SearchabilityPhoto (cc-by) Matt CornockSuper-speedy searching within GoogleDocs, PDFs, Word docs and PowerPoints.Makes archiving journal articles a doddle.