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  1. 1. Marketing Mixology The right marketing cocktail for yourdealership and prospects
  2. 2. The right marketing mix Are we mixing the right set of messages and media for our dealership customers? Today we are going to share some perspectives on how to get there
  3. 3. Car dealership advertising mix We all know that marketing and advertising mix is changing with Internet advertising growth coming largely at the expense of newspaper spend..Total Automotive Advertising Expenditures by Segment 2006 2011TVTV43%Radio Radio46%10%10% $13,242$3,159$3,105$15,554$2,320Internet$4,264 Internet8%13% $4,322$7,538 $4,051$6,185 Other 14% Other Newspapers12%Newspapers25% 19% ($Millions) Source: Borrell Associates, 2007. Includes both new and used car advertising.What is your marketing mix? 8
  4. 4. What consumers are doing is not what dealers are buying Over 68% of consumers spend time and conduct research on the Internet prior to purchasing a newcar(1) yet Internet share of dealer marketing wallet does not even come close to this. We still have an unhealthy reliance on the newspapers..Dealer MediaConsumer MediaSpendConsumption100%Too Little? 90% 80% 70% Internet 60% TV 50% Radio Newspaper 40% Other 30% 20% Too Much? 10%0% Source: Jupiter Research Library 2006, NADA.More consumers will utilize the Internet as a research source and it only makes sense thatdealerships shift advertising spend to match up (1) J.D. Power and Associates.9
  5. 5. Activity in offline channels drives traffic online Leading Media that Prompt Online Searches by US Consumers, 2007(% of respondents)Note: n=15,439 ages 18+Source: BIGresearch, Simultaneous Media Usage Study (SIMM) 10 as cited in press release, August 2, 2007
  6. 6. Offline and online will achieve a new equilibrium of use and marketing spend Function Traditional Projected Use Balance Online MediaEquivalent Awareness TVDisplay Ads, Outdoor SponsorshipsConsideration Magazines Review Sites, Word of Mouth Research Sites, Brand Sites ResearchMagazines Review Sites Word of Mouth Social NetworksPromotionsRadio Display Ads, Social Networks, In-market Websites ShoppingNewspaper In-market Websites, Online ClassifiedsLeads Yellow PagesDealer Locator Dealer WebsiteTrial Test DriveVirtual Tour Owner Marketing Direct Mail Email
  7. 7. Be Everywhere: Beyond Just SearchA More CompleteMobileAdvertising Solution Online is innovating offline: Analytics Triggers Print Audio Formats Internet Television
  8. 8. So which media cocktail will work best?Dealers are all different And so are consumers Different messages and mediawill appeal at different pointsin the purchase funnel
  9. 9. Introducing our cast > RJ Woodring, General Sales ManagerWoody Buick Pontiac GMC> Mike Hatfield, Sales DirectorDave Mungenast St. Louis Honda> Bill Smith, Internet & Advertising ManagerDave Arbogast Buick Pontiac GMC
  10. 10. The perfect media mix Focus your mix on consumer purchase patterns with your business objectives in mind Pre-selection filter Build your dealership brand online Offline alone is too expensive now Engagement filter Drive revenue and results now Purchase filter Take care of your customersthe internet has made it easy for them to talk to each other
  11. 11. Build your dealership brand online Why do it? Prep consumers to think of you when they become in market Tell them what your dealership stands for Develop positive dealership name recognition Its way cheaper than offline advertising No, dont stop advertising offline, just balance your spend to bring down your cost per vehicle sold
  12. 12. Build your dealership brand onlineWhat to do What to keep doing Display advertising TV - but keep branding1. Maximum reachmessages consistent online2. Retargeting3. Remarketing Billboard - drive people to yourwebsite - not your URL - think Have a relevant websitekeywordsLots of content to drive organic search YouTube
  13. 13. Engage Consumers: New Ad Formats InVideo adInVideo ad(YouTube)(Google Content Network ) YouTube Brand ChannelGadget Ad(contest module) (game)
  14. 14. Thats rightdisplay ads and a relevant website
  15. 15. Drive results nowWhy do it? Revenue Capacity Revenue Capture highly-qualified hand raisers Revenue
  16. 16. Results nowWhat to do What to keep doing Buy 3rd party leads Radio and Newspaper focusedThey work and are still way less expensive andon Specials and Promos TVs measurable than offlinetoo expensive to be effective Paid search engine marketinghere Promos, specials and events - anything to drivesense of urgency Again, a relevant website but now focused on1. Calls-to-action2. Simple lead forms3. Specials to pull consumers into the showroom
  17. 17. Drive results now Your manufacturer is running offline promotions that could drive traffic to your showroom - make sure it does.
  18. 18. Drive results now
  19. 19. Multivariate: Test multiple Sections of Your PageTest a headlineTest an image ?? A section is any area of your page where youd like to test alternative copy or creative
  20. 20. Multivariate: Test Multiple Sections and Combinations
  21. 21. Multivariate: Test Multiple Sections and Combinations
  22. 22. Multivariate: Test Multiple Sections and Combinations2 different headlinesx 3 different images= 6 possible combinations
  23. 23. A/B: Or test whole pages
  24. 24. Simple ResultsCombination 57 isperforming the bestBars represent relativeimprovement Original is highlighted here
  25. 25. Keep your customersWhy do it? You spent all that money to make them your customernow leverage them to improve your gross margin Your existing customers will spend the most money on service, parts and their next car
  26. 26. Keep your customersWhat to do What to keep doing Email Marketing to Owners stop calling them Community Sponsorshipsduring dinner Cable TV Scheduled maintenance and promos to keep Radio for Service Offersthem coming back Email newsletters - keep them tied to yourdealership through community information andevents Offer to install car seats and do safety checks Social networks & Service Blogs One more timea relevant website but nowfocused on1. The Entire Dealership2. Service and parts3. Info about owning and maintaining their purchased vehicle
  27. 27. Stay in touchemail schedule maintenance and seasonal promotions
  28. 28. Content Network: Social Networks
  29. 29. Web Utilities: YouTubeBroadcast Yourself
  30. 30. Web Utilities: Mobile Ads Google Search Search Ads on Contextual TargetingAds for Mobile Partner Sites for MobileAds on Google Ads on searchGoogle Ad Sense formobile search results partner resultsMobile Content
  31. 31. Some of it is but not all of it.
  32. 32. Measure Success: Robust Reporting Conversion Tracking Google Analytics
  33. 33. Figure out how to leverage advertising that other people are paying for
  34. 34. And then adjust to do even better
  35. 35. Need more recipes?> Join Maximizing Your Media Spend: Five Strategies that Top-PerformingDealers Use next at 11:45 am with Ken Pfau, Cobalts Director of Training &Consulting> Visit us at Booth #79 > For more information on Cobalts Industry Research visit