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1. in the Middle School Classroom Amy Hopkins Caddo Mills ISD [email_address] 2. About Me 6 th Grade Technology Teacher in the Caddo Mills ISD Webmaster for District and Middle School websites Technology training for CMISD and other districts/programs Clipart from 3. Family 4. Background Implemented use of Google Accounts in my classroom 4 years ago with 8 th graders District converted email to Google Apps 2 years ago Converted my classroom/middle school campus to Google Apps this school year with news of full suite of products being added in Fall 2010. Flickr picture courtesy of Eric Begin 5. Google Apps BEFORE Email Docs/Spreadsheets Calendar Sites Contacts Original suite of products PLUS Blogger Reader Notebook Picasa Web Albums And MANY MORE Google Apps AFTER 6. WHY Google Apps for Education? 7. Because as much as we might be resistant We must EMBRACE technology! 8. 9. Steps to Implement GOOGLE APPS FOR EDUCATION 10. Step 1: Purchase A Domain I used $10.47 per year 11. Step 2: Register this domain for Google Apps By going here to Google Apps for Education Completing this form will immediately launch a standard edition of Google Apps while Google reviews the education application. Continue setting up the domain in the meantime. Google will email requesting more information regarding application. Reply to the message with the required information. 12. If in 48 hours Google has not been upgraded, complete this form: Enable services for your domain and closely follow the instructions on-screen. 13. Step 2: Verify Domain Ownership You must confirm that you own the domain you signed up with. There are two verification methods: 1. Upload an HTML file to your site 2. Create a special CNAME record for your domain MY CHOICE Must return to the website where domain was purchased and make additions there For more help on how to create the CNAME record and add MX records for your domain, refer to this website: 14. Step 3: Customize Google Apps Upload your logo on the control panel so it will appear on the sign-in page and on applications Go into each product and customize enable/disable services and certain options relatively easy; some are very technical and may require help from IT personnel choosing basic options is not difficult and will suffice unless there is interest in more advanced services 15. Step 4: Create User Accounts Once signed up and customized, you can now create as many user accounts as you need from the control panel. There are two ways to add users: 1.Add users individually 2.Add users in bulk 16. 1. Add users individually To do this, click User Accounts tab and then Create a new user . Enter each users full name, username and temporary password. Then click Create new user button. Repeat for as many users as you have. 2. Add users in bulk Recommended if you have 10+ users in your organization, as adding each individually is tedious and time consuming. To create multiple accounts at once, upload a spreadsheet of users accounts and usernames by click the Upload link from the User Accounts tab. CSV Bulk Upload Template 17. For more help with implementation steps, Google can help! Google Apps Administrator Help Clipart from 18. C a d d o M i l l s 6 th Graders Use: iGoogle Gmail Docs/Spreadsheets Bookmarks Reader Notebook Calendar Picnik New! Clipart from 19. iGoogle Customized homepage Students can pick themes and gadgets to add to page, educational AND non-educational 20. Gmail Gives students an email address to make signing up for educational websites EASY! Teachers communicate with students on issues such as: Test/quiz reminders Late work Sending of study sheets/handouts/assignments 21. Google Docs and Spreadsheets Ability to create documents word processing, spreadsheets and presentations Can also upload already-created documents and continue working Access from anywhere the user has an Internet connection Allows users to collaborate with others on documents New features added often! 22. Google Bookmarks Students can save their favorite websites to access at any time Create labels or folders/categories to keep them organized Share bookmarks with others No more having to remember website names and addresses!! 23. Google Reader Constantly checks favorite news sites and blogs for new content Shows all of your favorite sites in one convenient place A great site for kids to learn about Current Events that we subscribe to! The Big Picture 24. Google Notebook Aids in compiling research save only the information from a website that is really wanted Clip information into notebooks for later access Makes creating citations for a Works Cited page a SNAP! saves all needed information 25. Google Calendar Full functioning calendar with LOTS of extra features Receive email or mobile text-message reminders Share calendars with others Print out your calendars, if needed. Access Google Calendar from a mobile phone 26. Picnik Acquired by Google March 1, 2010 Photo editor with lots of fun features for students Edit: crop, resize, sharpen Create: effects, frames, stickers, text 27. AFTER BEFORE 28. Works Cited 123jschwartz. "Why Google Apps for Education? ." YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. . N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Feb. 2011. . Begin, Eric. "Red fox pup ( wild ) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!." Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing . Yahoo, n.d. Web. 4 Feb. 2011. . "Google Apps." The Next Web . N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Feb. 2011. . 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