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Google Apps for the Classroom 26 Feb 2015Kaitlin Springmier, Library Practicum Studentspringmier@wisc.eduWelcome! As you enter the classroom.Please go to this web page: answer the 4 short questions.Why should we use Google Apps? Google Apps can increase efficiency, collaboration, and engagement in the classroom. Google Apps + UW-Madison A select suite of Google Apps is available to the UW community, including: Drive (includes Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and Forms), Sites, Hangouts, Groups, Contacts and Google+. License protects your intellectual property and individual privacy rightsCollaboration with classmates and UW-Madison colleaguesAccounts are administered by UW-MadisonHow do you use Google Apps? Google Drive Share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms and drawings. Collaborate in real-time with your team or with your whole school. You can publish final documents to the entire world, too.Lets get started. Log into Google Drive. Working with Google DocsCreateShareContributeCommunicateReviseGoogle Docs Activity In class activity: Join the class Google Doc by typing in: you know how to...Chat in the document? Share the document? See the revision history of the document? Feel free to take notes in the doc as the presentation continues, see how collaboration works! Docs in the Profession Collaborative lesson plansShared meeting notesLesson repositoryDocs in the ClassroomImprove the writing processStudents can work collaboratively anywhereDigital peer reviewGive immediate commentsShow revision historyReading response journalsFormsYouve just used one! ResultsHow can you use Google Forms in your classroom? Formative and summative assessmentsSurvey students interestTeacher observation forms Collecting information from parentsTests! Sheets Make a student gradebook that you can access anywhere & shareMake sign-up sheets for parent-teacher conferencesUse for science projects- Create sheets to store research data & make charts! Slides Access, create, and edit anywhere.All your changes are automatically saved as you type. Converts to many file formatsShare your lectures! Drawings Lay out diagrams, create flow charts, make posters Easily add to other documents or embed on a websiteStudents can collaborate on:posters or diagramsconcept mappingget feedback from the teacherSites Build sites to share and collaborate on documents, videos, schedules, and more. Create a site for your class. Embed a class calendar, videos, and presentations Have students learn how to build a website or create an ePortfolio!Google For EducationGoogle has many great resources for education. They have a lesson plan libraryThey provide information literacy instructionThey will teach you and your students how to codeAnd many more! Thank you! Evaluate: Contact me: Kaitlin


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