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Google Apps for Classroom Management. Theory & Overview. What We Will Discuss. Whats the Big Deal? Why Does It Matter? How Are Writers and Teachers of Writing Affected? Schmoozefest aka Q&A. What We Wont Discuss. Logging In What button to click - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Perry GlasserGoogle Apps for Classroom ManagementTheory & OverviewPerry GlasserPerry GlasserWhat We Will DiscussWhats the Big Deal?Why Does It Matter?How Are Writers and Teachers of Writing Affected?Schmoozefest aka Q&APerry GlasserWhat We Wont DiscussLogging In What button to clickFaciltiy with New Media is never about softwareSoftware changes - ideas stay the sameBesides, hands-on is this afternoons sessionsPerry GlasserPerry GlasserPerry GlasserYour Computer is NOT Just ASO WHAT IS IT??Perry GlasserPerry GlasserCommunity CreationTime and geography are no longer barriers to likeminded people finding each other.Perry GlasserPerry GlasserCollaborative WorkTime and geography are no longer barriers to collaboration.Teaching is collaborative workPerry GlasserPerry GlasserModels: Collaborative Writing IConsensus The slowest model of collaboration Makes people happy Accomplishes no product its at best an agreement.Perry GlasserPerry GlasserModels: Collaborative Writing IIIterative RepetitionTraditional TeachingIncremental ImprovementPerry GlasserPerry GlasserModels: Collaborative Writing IIITeamworkDefined rolesDefined ProcessesShared PurposeVygotsky Peer GroupsPerry GlasserPerry GlasserModern Computing & New MediaHas anyone bought Yahoo software?What does Yahoo sell that Microsoft wanted to buy for $47 BILLION dollars???Perry GlasserFat & Skinny Client/ServersWhere does computing intelligence live?Microsoft wins the battle for consumersMoores Law 45 years and still true!Metcalfes Law The value of atelecommunications networkisproportional to the squareof the number of connected users of the systemDisruptive TechnologiesPerry GlasserPerry GlasserPerry GlasserCloud ComputingPerry GlasserPerry GlasserWhy Does It Matter?Writers will still write, butthey will meet their audience and create in new ways.Perry GlasserPerry GlasserWhats in the clouds?Wiki (from Hawaiian for easy) - knowledgeBlogs from web + logs commentary and newsDooceSocial Networking community creationFacebookMySpaceLinkedInVideo and Multimedia - sharingYouTubeAdobe Photoshop Express and FlickrSlidesharePerry GlasserGoogle AppsVirtual Collaborative SpaceLike-minded people with a common task and defined roles can meet for productive work teaching and learning.Perry GlasserPerry GlasserPerry GlasserConvergencePicturesTextVideoSoundSlideshowsContactsCommentaryCommunityPerry GlasserPerry GlasserNew Lamps for Old!Old MediaInformation transferCredentialed accessHigh cost of entrySlow interactionLetter to the editorLetter to the writerDedicated MediumNew MediaInformation transferDemocratic accessVirtually zero costImmediate interactionEmailBlog commentMultimediaPerry GlasserPerry GlasserThe Genie is Out of the Lamp!!!Citizen journalistsHuffington PostLiterary blogsBookslutEWNIdentity TheoryCommunities2009 Book ExpoWikiPerry GlasserPerry GlasserWiki The Wisdom of CrowdsPerry GlasserPerry GlasserOpen Questions Wither books?Music, newspapers revenue sources, video entertainment are all moving to the Internetwhy think books will do otherwise?Wither privacy?What does publishing mean anymore?What is a Writer?Perry GlasserWelcome to Google AppsA virtual collaborative space Controlled accessFlexible modalitiesSamplePerry GlasserPerry GlasserPerry GlasserWhat Do We Think?Perry Glasser**********************