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<ol><li> 1. Polish Bar Brooklyn 2015 GOMC </li><li> 2. Client Profile Location: Clinton Hill, Brooklyn Customers: Age group 25-50 Services: Manicures, Pedicures, Sugaring, Brazilian Waxing, Makeup Applications, Exclusive Bridal Packages, and Rental Space for Private Parties and Promotional Activities Price range: $12-$45 Competition: Purity Nail Salon, other contemporary boutique salons Polish Bar Brooklyn owner: Tricia Lee </li><li> 3. Conversion Campaign Hot Oil Pedicure Hydration and softening for dry and brittle nails. Book now! AdWords Strategy Build awareness - Targeted keywords Drive conversions - Daily optimizations Increase new online appointments - Quality landing pages Brand Awareness Campaign Nail and Spa Added services and attractive seasonal sales. Visit now! </li><li> 4. AdWords Campaign: Week 1 Budget = Brand Awareness: $5.36, Conversion: $1..79 Created and launched campaigns with focused ad groups Using Google Keyword Planner, expanded our keywords list Results: 80% of the sessions were new users Ads displayed on mobile platform generated more clicks/CTR GOAL: DRIVE TRAFFIC TO SITE </li><li> 5. AdWords Campaign: Week 2 Budget = Brand Awareness: $13.39, Conversion: $4.46 Removed low quality (0 impressions and CTR) keywords Included targeted ads to Service and Location ad groups Experimented ads with better call to action Implemented mobile bid adjustment (+20% mobile bid; +25% for high traffic days Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday; +25% for Brooklyn, NY location) Optimized Conversion campaigns search settings from standard to all features Results: Service focused ads like jelly pedicure were served the most Most of our ads were displayed ahead of our competitors GOAL: GAIN CONVERSIONS </li><li> 6. Adwords Campaign: Week 3 Budget = Brand Awareness: $15.92, Conversion: $5.31 Implemented call and location ad extensions to increase ad rank Converted keywords from broad match to phrase match Experimented with mobile optimization GOAL: OPTIMIZE AGAINST WEEK 2 SUCCESS/FAILURES </li><li> 7. Results 4/10-4/23: 46 total online appointments, 18 new online appointments Acquired 55,370 impressions and 211 clicks Exceeded our goal by 284% for impressions and 195% for clicks 80.5% sessions were new visitors, out of which, 35.1% sessions were from mobile platforms acquired through geo-targeting. </li><li> 8. Future Recommendations Implement distinct quality landing pages to avoid high bounce rate Execute brand awareness campaign in Google display network Use event and conversion trackers to measure your campaigns ROI Build more service and promotion based campaigns with focused ad groups Experiment ad performance through A/B testing </li></ol>


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