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PPC & Display Remarketing

PPC & Display RemarketingGoogle Adwords Campaign Optimization

What is Campaign OptimizationCampaign optimization is the process of monitoring various aspects of campaign and making right decisions at various levels by changing certain metrics Like Bid prices, keywords, ad copies etc

Campaign Optimization is essential for any brand or business to save budget rather this line it would be better when it can be stated as optimization is key factor for reaching expected results with budget limitations

Adwords Campaign Optimization

Campaign Optimization Mainly Deals With

Keywords OptimizationBid price OptimizationAd copies Optimization

Keywords OptimizationOptimizing keywords will give better performing and profitable keywordsOptimizing keywords will boost your Quality Score followed by Click Through Rate (CTR)Keywords Optimization involves following stepsGo to campaign > Ad group >Keywords > sort out keywords based on maximum clicks > pause the keywords which has less CTR ( more impressions but very less clicks) While optimizing at this level consider the relevancy of your business in keywords rather than more impressions

Bid Price OptimizationOnce you done keywords optimization you need to have deep eye on CPC Ie cost per click of performing keywordsIf your start-up or first time user of google ads then give a chance to google to set your keywords cpc by automatically while setting up campaign If your business is above medium or large scale & you are an old user with AdWords then its better to go with manual biddingOptimizing bid prices will depends on area of interest where you insisted to showcase your ad copies in SERP (Search Engine Results Page)If your business need more user clicks with branding then bid your keywords with reference to top page suggestion bidWhere as your getting business from right side ads then bid your keywords with reference to first page suggestion bid

Ad Copies OptimizationAd copies optimization will gives you well performing ad copies which greatly drives users to your landing pageOptimization of ad copies nothing but A/B testing of multiple ad copies with different headline and meta description for the same ad groupTest each ad group with minimum of 3 Ad copies to estimate user behaviour with your adsSort out ad copies based on CTR % Then Supress the ad copies which are engaging less (Less CTR).Testing and analysing will gives you better results at this level

End NotesGoogle Adwords Campaigning is Not One Time Job, Continues Optimization Will Gives Your Better ResultsStill not confident about optimization you can explore in detail about Google Adwords Campaign Optimization Here or you can take my help work on your campaigns

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