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Good Morning How do you do?. B. A. Go to serve. Learn to come. Addressing. Md. Abdul Hakim Assistant Headmaster Maskatadighi School & College Shyampur , Paba , Rajshahi Batch-42 , ID-06 E-mail: Introduction of the Lesson. Subject: English - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Good MorningHow do you do?</p> <p>Learn</p> <p>to</p> <p>comeAB Go</p> <p> to</p> <p>serve </p> <p>Addressing Md. Abdul Hakim Assistant HeadmasterMaskatadighi School &amp; CollegeShyampur, Paba, RajshahiBatch-42 , ID-06E-mail: hakim@yahoo.comSubject: EnglishLesson: Traffic JamClass: TenTime: one hourDate: June, Introduction of the Lesson Learning Outcomes </p> <p>We will be able to learn how to write a paragraph on Traffic Jamhow to mean by Traffic Jamhow to find out the causes of Traffic Jam</p> <p>Image</p> <p>HeadingTraffic JamPresentationIndividual Work * Where do we generally see traffic jam?</p> <p>Pair Work* What are the causes of traffic jam? How can we remove traffic jam?Group Work Evaluation What do you mean by Traffic Jam?What are the causes of Traffic Jam?What are the problems of Traffic Jam?</p> <p>HOME WORKWrite a paragraph on Traffic Jam by answering the following questions:What is traffic jam?What are the causes of traffic jam?What are the problems of traffic jam?What steps should be taken to remove traffic jam?</p> <p>Thanks</p> <p>Good bye</p>


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