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Workshop about responsive web design (RWD), given on 13 Februari 2013. This is a presentation about how to create a responsive website. Different tools and libraries which are used for RWD are covered Examples used in the workshop can be found here:


1. RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN WORKSHOP Kim Chee Leong 2. WHO AM I? Kim Chee Leong Software engineer, lead developer Tech oriented, with a feeling for aesthetics on the web 3. WHO IS GWW? Located in Amsterdam and Groningen We create webapplications using Python-based frameworks Our customers are goverments, non-prot organisations and larger companies. 4. A BIT OF HISTORY 5. THE WEB WAS SIMPLE 6. DAO OF WEB DESIGN Written 13 years ago, this article still makes sense New media tries to mimic old media About creating pages which are adaptable 7. SAME OLD NEW MEDIUM?Well established hierarchies are not easily uprooted; Closely held beliefs are not easily released; So ritual enthralls generation after generation. Tao Te Ching; 38 Ritual A Dao of Web Design by John Allsopp - April 7, 2000 8. SAME OLD NEW MEDIUM?The web is a new medium, although it has emerged from the medium of printing, whose skills, design language and conventions strongly inuence it. A Dao of Web Design by John Allsopp - April 7, 2000 9. CONTROLLING WEB PAGES ... accepts the ebb and ow of things, Nurtures them, but does not own them, Tao Te Ching; 2 Abstraction A Dao of Web Design by John Allsopp - April 7, 2000 10. ADAPTABILITY IS ACCESSIBILITY The best of man is like water,Which benets all things, and does not contend with them, Which ows in places that others disdain, Where it is in harmony with the Way. Tao Te Ching; 8 Water A Dao of Web Design by John Allsopp - April 7, 2000 11. THE WAY The Way is shaped by use, But then the shape is lost. Do not hold fast to shapesBut let sensation ow into the worldAs a river courses down to the sea. Tao Te Ching; 32 Shapes A Dao of Web Design by John Allsopp - April 7, 2000 12. THE WAYThe web is a new medium, although it has emerged fromthe medium of printing, whose skills, design language and conventions strongly inuence it. A Dao of Web Design by John Allsopp - April 7, 2000 13. FAST FORWARD TO TODAY 14. FAST FORWARD TO TODAY WidescreenMobile Tablet Laptop Desktop TVphone E-reader 15. WEBSITES ON TODAYS DEVICES Sites without a mobile part are shown fairly well on modern phones We have an app for that (most of the times..) There are lots of devices which are internet-enabled, mobile and non-mobile 16. RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN Create websites which are adaptable Screen width is important, which device is viewing doesnt matter* The same content, images and other resources on a website are used with RWD 17. RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN 18. ALTERNATIVES TO RWD 19. MOBILE SPECIFIC WEBSITE A separate website/URL with separate content Not responsive! For websites with a main goal of marketing a product or service 20. TRANSCODED WEBSITE A separate website/URL with content transcoded (copied) from your main site Not responsive! Follows same structure as main website 21. APP STORE PRESENCE Create an app and publish it on Apples App Store / Google Play Your company is ndable thru an app store Easier access, just tap the app on your mobile device You need to develop an app for every platform 22. ALTERNATIVE WRAP-UP Mobile site Transcoded site Native app Responsive site Optimized for X X ~slow connections Follows samestructure as main X ~ X siteWorks on a broad ~ ~ Xrange of devices 23. WIRED.COM EXAMPLE This is a mobile specic website Works great on mobile devices but is not responsive Instead of depending on screen size, the site detects your device 24. RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN 25. RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN 26. THE BASIC PRINCIPLES OF RWD Flexible grid When designing a responsive website start with the smallest screen size and move up to the bigger sizes. Flexible media Dont use server-side stuff to detect Media queries mobile devices. Most CSS3 techniques can be used Doesnt work on older browsers* 27. FLEXIBLE GRID .. this concept of a typographicgrid: a rational system of columnsand rows, upon which modules of content could be placed. Ethan Marcotte 28. FLEXIBLE GRID Elements of a website are positioned on a grid The grid is adaptive Many tools and boilerplate stylesheets are available to start with a exible grid. 29. FLEXIBLE GRID 30. FLEXIBLE GRID TOOLS more? exible-grid-tools-for-responsive- websites/ 31. FLEXIBLE VALUES IN CSS Margins and paddings in relative values Fonts in ems or rems Dont use pixels; one pixel on one platform is not a pixel on another Elements in a site are adaptive when styled using exible values 32. FLEXIBLE MARGINS/PADDINGS Use relative values; percentages, ems or rems In this example a padding of 2% is set on the left and right side of the highlighted eldset. 33. FLEXIBLE TYPESETTING An em is a unit of Use em or rem font-size values. measurement in the eld of typography, equal to the Em (often) equals 16px in height. currently specied point size. The name of em is related to Problem with em-based font sizing is M. Originally the unit was that the font size is nested. To solve this derived from the width of the rem sizes can be used. capital M in the given typeface. 34. FLEXIBLE TYPESETTING target context = result black text: 24px 16px = 1.5em grey text: 11px 24px = 0.458333333333333em grey text: 11px 16px = 0.6875rem 35. FLEXIBLE MEDIA A CSS trick to t image, videos and iframes in their container Prevents images exceeding the width of their container 36. CSS3 MEDIA QUERIES 37. CSS3 MEDIA QUERIES This meta element must be in the html header: Media type screen is used Do not use other media types to differentiate between devices ie: braille, embossed, handheld, print, projection, screen, speech, tty and tv 38. RWD EXAMPLE 39. MOCK-UPS AND PROTOTYPING 40. MOCK-UPS Create mock-ups for phone, tablet and desktop Start with the smallest screen size and move up to bigger sizes Think about your site before youll start building Mocking-up a site design should be quick and easy todo 41. BALSAMIQ MOCK-UPS 42. JETSTRAP.COM PROTOTYPING 43. DIVSHOT.COM PROTOTYPING 44. TOOLS TO TEST YOUR RESPONSIVE SITE Use Google Chrome to set an user agent and viewport 45. TOOLS TO TEST YOUR RESPONSIVE SITE Apple: connect your iPad/iPhone to your Apple computer ( Android: use the Development Kit to connect an Android device to the Chrome browser ( 46. JAVASCRIPT LIBRARIES Modernizr ( Fallback for older browsers which dont support CSS3 and HTML5 Hammer.js ( Library for multi-touch gestures Enquire.js ( JavaScript library for responding to CSS media queries 47. OTHER USEFUL LINKS 48. REFERENCES 49. PHOTO CREDITS ux-design/ 87462844@N00/5983242010/