Going Offline while doing Business Online

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I think a lot of the success behind an online business is, actually, the capacity of the people behind the business to go online (to create a network or partnerships).


<ul><li> 1. Going Offline while doingBusiness OnlineBobby Voicu, Zilele Biz, Bucharest, 2013</li></ul> <p> 2. Started in New York, USA 3. Started in Timisoara, Romania 4. Started in Dublin, Ireland Offices in Bucharest, Romania 5. Bobby Voicu CEO &amp; co-founder MavenHut MavenHut started out of Startup Bootcamp Dublin 6. Why Offline? 7. Network Met the CEO of a $2 billion company for breakfast 8. Partnerships Got to meet people from ad companies and get startup budgeted campaigns 9. Exit Avangate opened an office in Silicon Valley 10. How To 11. Offline Meetings Hey, I will be in [location] in about 4-5 weeks, lets meet 12. Events Prepare (know whos coming) 13. Events Establish a clear list of people to talk to 14. Events Contact them 2-4 weeks before going there - Linkedin - event contact form 15. Events Establish a value proposition for them 16. Thank you! www.bobbyvoicu.com @bobbyvoicu bobby@mavenhut.com</p>


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