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Entry for Extreme Makeover Home Edition contest at Boolprop forums


  • 1. Going for Broke A new home for a one parent family.

2. Brandis once broken down and out of date trailer has been transformed into a two story American Contemporary style home that will hold up to the wear and tear that three growing boys will inflict. She received the funds from the dramatic renovation from her wrongful death lawsuit against the Acme Pool Company after her husband Skip drowned in a pool they had installed. The first major change was the removal of said pool and the relocating of the house farther back on the lot making for a nice sized front yard for the boys to play in. 3. The second story has three bedrooms, two full baths and a wonderful space forgame tables. Brandi has a proper master suite now while the two older boys have generous sized rooms in which to grow and play. 4. The first floor is the main living area with an open floor plan kitchen/living room. A third full bath is tucked in behind the kitchen. The TV area is separated from the main living room area so that the adults can have a quiet conversation while the kids can watch movies or play video games. The study area has three desks and a computer and book shelves as well as lots of things to stimulate a growing mind. Last but not least is the nursery for little baby Luke. Later on this room can be converted into a proper bedroom for him or a nice hobby area for the family. 5. The front yard is simply landscaped as Brandi confessed to having a brown thumb and very little time to handle heavy gardening chores. Two pine trees and some simple ferns add texture to the area. The potted topiaries are easy care and add some structural interest. The front porch is constructed of heavy duty mesh that lets dirt and water fall down to the ground below and reducing the amount of dirt tracked in by the boys. The tempered glass railings keep the younger boys safe from falls and will not crack or break when struck with the errant football. Overall the home is covered with a durable and modern looking aluminum sheeting that gives the home a unique look. 6. The interior of the home is quite unusual. The floors are a stained and sealed concrete throughout the home. A palette of pale grays, blues and black with pops of red give the home a modern look without being boring white. The front entrance opens directly into the living room and provides a clear view to the kitchen. The door straight ahead lead into the downstairs bath and immediately to your left is the TV room. 7. The TV room is just that. A space set aside for watching the big game or a family friendly movie. The occasional video game just might happen to be played here as well. Here you see the alternate floor color in the house. The deep ocean blue concrete add a color splash to the room and draws the eye downward. 8. Here we see some of the vibrant reds that have been added to liven up the space. 9. View of the living room from the kitchen area. 10. The kitchen while small is quite functional with all the modern appliances a busy mom of three could need. The choice to install a breakfast bar rather than a dining set was Brandis. I have a hard enough time getting stains out of rugs, I dont need a wooden table and chairs for the boys to destroy as well. There will be no problem with these granite and tempered glass countertops handling heavy wear and tear. 11. Behind the breakfast bar is the homes one and only staircase with a small landing. 12. The study was designed around Brandis need to keep a close eye on her eldest boy who often forgets to do his homework and has had some troubles with his grades. As the boys grow, this space can grow with them. 13. For tiny baby Luke, the nursery will easily change into a big boy space for him as her grows. Again the color tones are kept muted and true to the chosen palette. 14. Just up at the top of the stairs is the homes other living space. Outfitted with a chess and game table, an easel and two comfortable chairs, it is a good place to read a book or spend quality family time together. 15. Brandis middle boy is very much into planets and stars and one day wants to be an space explorer. 16. The oldest boy love sports especially surfing and his room reflects this. It also has space for a comfy sitting area where he can spend time chatting with that special girl who occasionally follows him home after school The bed and dresser are located behind the viewer in this picture. 17. Brandis master bedroom is a comfortable space where this now single mom can relax and get away from her sons for a little while. 18. The matching furniture set and simple dcor keep things simple and clean. 19. The room is large enough to allow the double bed to sit at an angle in the corner. Backed by a blue and gold, back lit screen it is the focal point of the room. 20. While the home boasts three bath rooms, it is the master bath that is the most unique. A jetted tub and a high tech shower make keeping clean and relaxing a breeze. 21. Simple white counters and fittings look bright and bold against the blue glass subway tiles. All three baths have these tiles in three different shades of blue. 22. Even the family received a makeover! Notes: I really decided on a gray and light blue color scheme for the house before it was even built. I utilized a lot of wall coverings that came with M&G stuff pack as well as my favorite subway tiles from MTS2. The house has solar panels on the roof to help offset the bills from a family that normally cant afford a nanny. The house is spacious enough for the family plus one more if Brandi ever found a guy she took a shine to.