globe tracker terminal/yard wireless infrastructure with real time eseal

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Post on 17-Aug-2014



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Globe Tracker introduces its wireless Terminal/yard/depot infrastructure that allows for blanket communications coverage. The GT Real Time eSeal acts as a wireless peripheral to the infrastructure allowing for real time location within a meter in the coverage area as well as real time eSeal tamper events.


  • GT Infrastructure Units, unlike Asset mounted GT Communications Units, are powered by an external power source thus allowing GT Infrastructure units to utilize Sub GHz communications in continuous, real-time mode.
  • Multiple GT Infrastructure Units are installed across terminals, yards, warehouses and depots to ensure blanket Sub GHz communications coverage for GT Communications Units and Sub GHz peripherals entering their field of coverage.
  • GT eSeals are Sub GHz peripherals.
  • GT multi-use eSeals can be installed, in seconds, on a container as it is unloaded from a vessel or passes through an entry gate into the terminal (rail and road).
  • GT eSeals can provide Lat / Long location to within a meter of accuracy anywhere in the terminal where GT Infrastructure Units are installed.
  • GT eSeals, installed in container door lock loops, also monitor and report real-time open/close events.
  • GT eSeals on containers can communicate with Terminal infrastructure while still on the vessel.
  • GT eSealed containers can communicate ID and status with a Crane in real time, which in turn could relate to the TOS.
  • Blanket coverage from Globe Tracker Infrastructure allows for real time transit of container associated eSeals across the terminal.

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