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Internet Librarian International, 2014 - London Session A104 - Global inspiration, local action The modern library supports learning on all levels. All types of library, in many different countries, face the same challenges, driven in many cases by technological developments or financial contraints. Despite having the same core issues, libraries come up with different answers, shaped by their differing cultures. By being globally inspired – and translating that inspiration into local action – libraries can transform their communities.


  • 1. Global inspiration, local action

2. The next 25 minutes:The global world vs global librarianshipHistory, stories, examplesWhere to startGlobal vs local 3. The times they are Sirius is eight-point-six light years awayArcturus is thirty sevenThe past is the pastAnd its here to stayWikipedia is heavenWhen you dont want to remember no moreNick Cave - We Real Cool 4. Shift happensWisdom of the crowdCrowdsourcingCrowdfunding /microfinancingCommunity gardeningNeuroscienceLocal 5. Shift happensMaker movementSmart devicesHealthSocial awareSocial innovationShare economy 6. ACCESS vs LEARNINGPhotographed 2007 by Carol Highsmith 7. Learning as strategy 8. Library learning strategyLearning empowers peopleEducation for the young and life long learning for all.The library supports learning on all levels - and for peopleof all ages.Libraries have the skills to support transformation ofinformation to knowledge. 9. ConnectedLearning 10. In the connected learning approach,learning is accelerated when it is poweredby an individuals interests and passions,supported by peers, and in spaces wherean individual feels valued and Nygren 11. MOOCSParticipatory LearningConnected Learning23 mobile thingsHacker spaces *Fablabs *Hands onLifelong learningdigital divide 12. 13. FindingsApplications on a tablet device will enhance ourLibrary services. 60 % -> 82 %Very / somewhat familiar: Twitter 27 % -> 100 %Very / somewhat familiar: QR 33 % -> 84 %Survey by Dr. Michael Stephens 14. 23 goes globalFranceAustraliaNew ZealandUSAGermanyRussiaSingapore PhilippinesNorwayDenmark 15. USA.EUROPETeen librariansWE NEEDdoing specialTHIS !!!!!teen programs indesignated teenareas!!!!!!!!!! 16. Gamification 17. 18. Moraine Valley Community College LibraryWorld War M: Humans vs Zombies 19. 20. 21. THINK 22. Keep in touchJan Holmquistjanholmquist.netTwitter: