Global challenges, global solutions: Meet Green Building Leaders from Asia Pacific

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Global challenges, global solutions: Meet Green Building Leaders from Asia Pacific. Proudly sponsored by Queensland Government. BY 2030. 50% OF THE WORLDS URBAN POPULATION. WILL LIVE IN THE ASIA PACIFIC REGION. WHAT WILL OUR WORLD BE LIKE THEN?. BUILDINGS ARE PART OF THE SOLUTION. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • BY 2030









  • SPEAKERSMr Simon Cox- Head of Sustainability, Colliers International Ms Trudy Ann King- Asia Pacific Regional Manager, World Green Building Council Mr Prasetyoadi (Tiyok) , Co Founder, Green Building Council of IndonesiaMr Yannick Millet, Executive Director, Vietnam Green Building Council

    Mr Qingqin Wang- China Green Building Council

  • Green Building Council of Australia Leading Green Thinkers

    Paul Russell Director, Enabling TechnologiesDepartment of Employment, Economic Development & InnovationWednesday 30 September 2009

  • Towards Q2: Tomorrows Queensland

  • DEEDIs Innovation GroupOur role is to influence the transformation of the Queensland economy to maximise the States economic, environmental and social outcomes by:

    expanding world-class science, technology and research capabilities and aligning them to Queenslands priorities

    developing new and emerging knowledge-based industries

    assisting Queenslanders to participate in the knowledge economy and engage with science and technology.

  • State Government InitiativesCleaner Greener Building PolicyQueensland Cleantech Industry Development StrategyClimate Smart BusinessQWESTNetEcoBizHEAT

  • HEAT Queenslands new wave of environmental architects What is HEAT?International marketing campaign raising the profile and export sales of Queensland architecture and related design (landscape architecture, urban design, interior designs, master planning). HEAT is producing successful outcomes.

    Queensland architects are both environmentally responsible and responsive.

    Leading Queensland architects deal with environmental challenges in inspiring ways:an ability to visualise holistically, especially in extreme climates;a creative response to ecological and social challenges;a willingness to embrace international collaboration and support other professional disciplines;a mindfulness of place and its connection to culture; andthe social and cultural impact a built environment has on community.

    HEAT is a Queensland Government initiative delivered in partnership with Australian Institute of Architects.Find out more

  • Trade Queensland bullet point goes here (26 pts) bullet point goes here bullet bullet

  • Queensland Based Suppliers

    Company capabilities include:supply of renewable building materialsgreen building designeco-friendly procurementconsultancies providing lifecycle analysis

  • Regional Presence

    Trade Queensland leads a program of targeted international trade missions that focus on key international markets relevant to the clean technologies sector. Below are just some of the missions or international events being targeted over the next 12 months.

    ChinaJune 2010, Queensland Green Building Trade Mission to ChinaOctober 2010, Clean Energy Trade Mission, including participation at the China Coal Expo in Beijing

    IndiaFebruary 2010, International Renewable Energy Conference, New DelhiSeptember 2010, Trade Mission to participate in the CII Green Building Congress

    JapanJuly 2010, Renewable Energy Fair & Conference, Tokyo

    KoreaOctober 2010, Green Hub Korea, Seoul

    The AmericasJanuary 2010, Climate Change, Water and Clean Technology events as part of GDay USA, San Diego and Los AngelesFebruary 2010, Clean Tech Forum, San FranciscoMarch 2010, Trade Mission to visit Los Angeles, Washington State and British Colombia, including participation in GLOBE 2010, VancouverJune 2010, Trade Mission to participate in BIO, Chicago

  • Thank You

  • Green Buildings in Queensland

  • Green Square North TowerAnnual water savings of 1.7 million litres160,000 litre water storage facility for onsite uses. Storm water filtering system to improve the quality of water leaving the site. A number of electricity-saving and temperature control features are also included.

  • Bond University Mirvac School of Sustainable DevelopmentAustralia's first 6 Star Green Star certified educational building. Cost $11 million (30% premium)Water tanks, solar heating and a grey water recycling system Approx 40 per cent of its peak power from solar cells and wind turbines.

  • Orion SpringfieldAustralia's most environmentally sustainable shopping centre. Water conservation capacity of 780,000 litres of steel rainwater collection tanks. All landscape watering, bin wash downs, toilet and urinal flushing; cooling tower make-up and water feature top-ups are supplied from 100% recycled water.

  • 33 Breakfast Creek Road

    To reduce: electricity consumption by 4% greenhouse gas emissions by 64%; potable water use by 55% (saving 38ML per year, equivalent to 38 Olympic swimming pools). Cutting CO 2 emissions by equivalent to removing more than 520 cars from the roads by including photovoltaic cells, low energy lighting and other energy-saving measures.

  • Queensland Cleantech Companies

  • Riddel Architecture25 year history of excellence and awards in heritage building conservation and sustainability adaptationResidential and commercial design that responds to context, climate, environmental and social sustainability principlesSustainability project Hill End Eco House, achieved 6-star BERSPro energy ratingDesigns feature in the QLD Government's International HEAT campaign, 2009

  • Biolytix Water AustraliaInternational award winning wastewater treatment systems domestic and commercial applicationsMost energy efficient biological waste treatment system in the worldCentralised sewage systems for resorts, commercials developments, subdivisions and townsProvides ecological engineering consultancy adviceCompany embodies sustainability principles in product manufacture and work practices

  • ecospecifier Pty LtdThird-party green product verificationAssess and present information on over 3500 sustainable and healthy materials, products, technologies and resourcesSupports environmental professionals to trust, select and use green building productsEducation, training and consulting servicesHas attracted over 10,000 subscribers building and design professionals, governments and educational institutions


    GREENS on the GREENFriday 20 November 09 New Farm Bowls Club


    **To accellerate the rate of change we will be initiating the World GBC Asia Pacific Network.The intent behind the network is to link green building practitioners and GBCs throughout the region to enable Information exchangeEducationSupport developmentAnd networking24th September as part of World Green Building Day CelebrationsAnyone interested in registering to be part of the network can go t this website up and running now. IGBC is able to run a link on their website or go to the World GBC website *Strong We want to create a diverse economy powered by bright ideas Green: We want to protect our lifestyle and environment Smart: We want to deliver world-class education and trainingHealthy: We want to make Queenslanders Australias healthiest peopleFair: We want to support a safe and caring community

    First two priorities are strongly supported by DEEDI Innovation Group & relevant to Green Building.*Small group with a large reach.At the forefront of innovation in the state of Queensland.Strong facilitation skills.Well equipped to assist business in practical ways.

    *Some initiatives being undertaken by the Queensland Government that are relevant to Green Building Cleaner, greener building policy being introduced by Department of Infrastructure and Planning through changes to the Building Code of Queensland and other regulations through to mid-2010. Queensland Cleantech Industry Development Strategy currently being development

    Climate Smart Business still under development. QWESTNet Queensland Water and Energy Sustainable Technologies Linking businesses with green technologies they can use EcoBiz supporting business in identifying their carbon footprint and implementing a range of measures to reduce it. HEAT Queenslands New Age Environmental architects Initiatives are stimulating demand for innovative solutions.**Trade Queensland is helping green building and construction companies to export their services and expertise, and has a number of programs designed to help Queensland businesses to secure export markets, and to match overseas businesses with Queensland green building suppliers. Assisting to establish export markets for Queenslands green building sector, Trade Queensland provides export advice and intelligence, as well as in-market assistance through our network of representation in 15 overseas locations, and we organise regular inbound and outbound international trade missions.

    ******Green Square North Tower: (Fortitude Valley) * annual water savings of 1.7 million litres * 160,000 litre water storage facility * Storm water filtering to improve water quality leaving the site. * electricity-saving and temperature control features.**Bond University Mirvac School of Sustainable Development: (Gold Coast) Australia's first 6 Star Green Star certified educational building. * Water tanks, solar heating and a grey water recycling system * * Will generate around 40 per cent of its peak power through solar cells and wind turbines. **Orion Springfield shopping centre: * After just 1 year operating, was named Australia's most environmentally sustainable shopping centre * The first 6-Star rating for an Australian retail centre. * Rainfall collection capacity of 780,000 litres of tanks * Landscape watering, bin wash downs, toilet and urinal flushing; cooling tower make-up and water feature top-ups are supplied from 100% recycled water. **33 Breakfast Creek Road: * Queenslands first 6-star rated building. * Compared to an average Brisbane office, reduces: - electricity consumption by 4% - greenhouse gas emissions by 64% - potable water use by 55% * includes use of photovoltaic cells, low energy lighting and chilled beam air conditioning.Queenslands Government and design community have been quick to recognise that the global climate change issue will have a major impact on design and architecture in the future. ****