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English language tips for daily conversation. This is the presentation for EG242 subject 2013.


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2. - What should I do?- Could you give me some advice? - What would you do if you were me?- What do you think I should do? Etc.??? 3. - I think you should (not) - Youd better (not) - If I were you, I would (not) OR- Why dont you? - How about? - Why dont you? 4. - Thank you very much! - That sounds good. - Ill try that. - Thatd probably help! Dont forget to say Thanks for their help! 5. Thank you but - Ive already tried that but it didnt work.-I dont think that would do any good. - Im not sure it would help. - I dont think so. Never forget to say Thanks no matter how silly an advice sounds! 6. You need to get up for school in the morning but your bed has too much gravity to resist. 7. THANK YOU