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Day 4 of Surprise!Baby Frank's Bachelor Challenge


  • 1. Welcome to Day 4 of the Bachelor Challenge featuring Surprise!Baby Frank. Last time, Tempe went home because she was scared of Franks creator, namely me. Mary is still in the lead and doesnt seem to want to relinquish it to anyone.Although, it is still very much anyones game.
    Shall we get started?

2. Hi!So Id like to announce the results of the most recent poll Ive conducted, I said with a giant smile on my face.So whos ready?
3. A series of groans and moans came from the table.
What? I asked.You like my polls.You all voted in them.Its not my fault that you all found Doc here way scarier than me.Im just a fluffy kitten compared to her.
4. But Lark, you didnt say you were going to be using our votes against us.And I would like to point out that some of us did vote for you, Jo said from the end of the table.Even if it was by mistake.
If Id known that this was going to come up here, I would have voted for you, Lark! Fire protested then looked at the simself sitting across from her.Um.No offense, Doc.
None taken, the blonde said with an evil grin.So where is your home universe again?
The young simself eeped and cowered in her chair.
5. Now,Lark, Orikes said with a long suffering sigh.What did you want to accomplish but doing this?
Yeah!I mean Doc may eat the heads of babies while going for the simultaneous kidney grab and ear nibble, but that doesnt mean that you are any less frightening in your own way, Fuzzy pointed out.
Doc sighed dramatically.I dont eat baby heads.
Okay, so I was exaggerating.Dont kill me.
I see an epic plot volcano in your future.
6. I ignored the various threats and screams coming from the far end of the table.I just dont want people to get the wrong idea.I know Tempe was scared of me and I didnt like that.
Well do you blame her?If you can kill off the sims you like *coughWallycough* then isnt it reasonable to think that you would be even more cruel to sims you dont like?
But its an apocalypse!And-
Um, Lark, Cee interrupted hesitantly.
Wheres Yakko?
7. Aw crap on a stick!I left him alone in the other room! I exclaimed in chagrin.
Lark, you didnt! Jo called from the end of the table.You know what a short attention span he has.
I winced.Well, Im sure he didnt get into too much trouble.I left him with the TV.
Did you remember to pay the cable bill?Ori asked.
8. Meanwhile
Im booored! Yakko complained staring at the TV.All thats on are reruns of the Mickey Mouse Club and Hannah Montana.If I wanted to make fun of the Disney Channel,I would have done that back when the Wheelof Morality still worked. You know I never did get that trip to Tahiti.
9. The former cartoon character watched more poorly scripted family programming before changing the channel.I may have signed up for this challenge, but I didnt sign up for torture.Then a slow grin spread across Yakkos lips.I wonder how Franks doing.Im sure no one will notice if I sneak a peak.After all that would be the doing of a responsible parent!
10. Back at the bachelor challenge house, Frank checked his email like he did every morning and found nothing.
He frowned and checked again.Still nothing.
What the hell, he muttered to himself.What happened to the help I was supposed to be getting?Talk about short attention span.And I thought Dad-doo was bad.Well, the director person mentioned there were rules.I suppose I could look them up for myself.
The young man searched the internet, finding a few likely rulesetsbefore giving up.Screw it!Ill wing the thing and if I mess up.Whats the worst that could happen?Another day of rejection. Not really scaring me at this point.
11. Remembering that the last two days started with a hot tub soak, Frank climbed into the warm waters.
12. Where he was joined a few moments later by Mary, Star, and Ruby Mae.
What?No comments about my body today, Frankie-boy?Star asked climbing into the water
Frank just shrugged , trying not to blush or even look at the nude woman.
I think hes no longer titillated by your forwardness, Mary observed.
13. Hush you! Star shot back splashing the regency woman with hot water.
It looks like you can open your eyes now, dear, Ruby said with a smile.It looks like your creator took pity on you.
You shouldnt have told him.
14. Why not?You shouldnt tease him so much, its not nice!Ruby Mae accentuated her words with a splash of water.
Dammit!I never said I was nice!Star protested.
So do you think we should let them go at it?Mary asked her eyes twinkling.We could get out at play some red hands.
Heh, that could be fun.Although I kinda think Id rather stay here.
15. Why?After all they are ignoring you.
I know.But its fun to watch.
So you like watching scantily clad women in wet clothing make a spectacle of themselves?
Frank shrugged.Well, yeah.Im a guy.
Look, Im not going to lie to you and pretend to be someone Im not.Yeah, I think its funny that Star and Ruby Mae cant stop splashing each other. And yeah, I find it kinda sexy. Im sure you like it when men fight over you.
16. I concede you may have a point.Although I have yet to have two men battle over me in such a wet and frivolous fashion.
You take what you can get.
True.Still it looks like they are not going to engage the rest of us in conversation and as entertaining as you may find it, I am sure that there are other things that we may dowhich are equally entertaining.
Probably.Im getting hungry anyway.
17. Ruby Mae and Star managed to notice that they were left alone in the hot tub and scurried into the house to grab food as well.
Glad you could join us, ladies, Mary said with a graciousnod of her head.
I would have joined ya earlier, darlin, but this well, I dont know what to call her, kept me away from you.
You did that yourself, Belle-of-the-Ball.You didnt need my help.
See what a horrible person she is, Frank!
Actually I kinda agree with her.
See! Star stuck out her tongue at Ruby Mae. I knew he would side with me.And why in the hell are you hovering over me, Orla?
18. No reason, Orla said quickly backing off a bit.
I think she was trying to be the first to sneak a little lip action.
Lip action? Mary asked.
Star rolled her eyes.Kissing!God where are you from, the dark ages?
No need to be rude.
Ignoring the other woman, Star turned to face Frank. So how about it?Are we going to be smooching today?
19. Awww.Come on.Itd be fun.Ill even make grilled cheese for you.
Are you trying to bribe me?
The answers still no.
That looks painful, Ruby Mae observed.
It is, Mary replied.Sir, if you would kindly remove the china from my skull I would most appreciate it.
20. After lunch, Frank decided he would talk to each girl and get to know what they liked and disliked .After all, he reasoned, he would like the woman he chose to be someone he had something in common with.Since, Orla didnt make it into the hot tub, he decided to start with her.
I havent really had much of a chance to talk to you, Orla.
Well you know where to find me?
The Mahjongg table? he guessed.
Yep,I really like playing games with people.Its a great way to get to know people in a non-threatening way.
21. You think a competition is non-threatening?
Thats something that you bring to the table.I play for fun.
But wheres the fun in that? Frank scoffed.
I dont think I can make you understand, Orla replied turning and walking away.
22. Frank moved on to Mary next.
So what do you like, Miss Austen?
Oh I am ever so open to new things.I love travelling-
Really? Frank interrupted. I like going places too!Or Well, I would if I ever got the chance to go anywhere.
Oh?she asked with a large smile on her face.
Yeah, when I was little.I used to read the old magazines that belonged to my siblings.I really loved seeing the pictures in them.
23. Then why not make a voyage to these far away locales?
All of a sudden Frank felt a spurt of frustration well up inside him.Because I was a mistake and couldnt go anywhere!I didnt even get a chance to explore the university before I got sent here.
Mary let the anger wash over her.That is unfortunate, she sympathized.Mayhap when this is all over you can travel to your hearts desire.
Yeah, maybe.If the director-person and my parents let me.
Why does their opinion matter.You are a man grown.You are quite capable of making your own choices.
I guess.Thanks though.
24. Frank turned to Star nextbut before he even got a word in Star was talking.I couldnt help overhear your conversation with History Britches over there.
Thats because you were stalkin the boy, Ruby Mae drawled.
Like you can talk!Anyway.I decided to take pity on you and break the ice first.
Thanks, Frank said in relief.
So, vacations are cool.Theyre like mini-adventures!A chance to get away and get into a little or a lot of trouble.My best friends mom and dad went on this one adventure that ended up being like some giant quest out of the movies.Complete with damsels in distress and a giant ape.
25. Okay, now you are shitting me.
No really!Its true!Lous dad got the cutlass to prove it.
A cutlass doesnt prove anything.Anyone could pick one up at a tourist crap shack,Frank scoffed.
Stars eyes narrowed.Okay I bet you this.If I win this thing, we go to Twikki and Ill show you that the tourist shacks dont carry cutlasses.
Youre on!
26. Frank was still a little cranky when he found Ruby Mae in the other room.
What kind of bees gotten in youre bonnet?