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  • GET SHIT DONE Campbell Law Group ( is hiring a Chief Get Shit Done Officer to help us expand our business. Last year, we assisted with impact capital transactions totaling nearly $75 million in the aggregate, and we have clients operating in 10 countries. As the leading law firm focused on impact investing and social enterprise, we expect that the demand for our work will continue to increase. We anticipate that in three years we will have 5-10 lawyers in the U.S., as well as a robust international network of partner firms. The Chief Get Shit Done Officer will oversee everything from the preparation of our growth plan, to the implementation of systems and processes that will allow us to scale, to making sure that someone ordered the paper clips. We need an entrepreneurial, highly motivated, dynamic and big-hearted person who is equally comfortable with strategizing and executing on high level business issues and taking care of the less sexy day-to-day tasks of managing a growing venture. The right Chief Get Shit Done officer will enable us to confidently focus on what we do best advising clients. If desired, the Chief Get Shit Done Officer will have the opportunity to work on client projects, and to assist with the development of the HUB Boulder (of which we are a founding member). Over the coming years, we will also be evaluating the extent to which we should expand our services beyond legal advice. We expect that the Chief Get Shit Done Officer will play an important role in that process. This position would be a good fit for someone who is 1-3 years out of college, has at least some experience working in a start-up environment and wants to learn more about social enterprise and impact investing. Actually, we believe that there are very few opportunities that would offer greater exposure to the emerging trends in those areas. We can say that because:

    We have over 25 clients that would identify themselves as a social enterprise or impact investor;

    We are averaging at least one impact finance deal a month;

    We are adding new clients at about the rate of one per month; and

    We advise some of the most prominent intermediaries in the space. Requirements for this position are as follows:

    Strong academic record.

    Start up experience.

    Excellent communicator and relationship builder.

    Social media savvy.

    Demonstrated interest in business as a vehicle for social change.

    (see second paragraph above, especially the big heart piece). Bonuses:

    Experience working in developing countries.

    Interest in legal career.

    Spreadsheet geek. This position will be based in Boulder. We will offer $40,000/year, plus medical (high deductible plan + HSA contribution, up to $400 month total benefit), plus cover mobile phone charges. We will revisit compensation and discuss a bonus arrangement after the first year of employment. Our current office in downtown Boulder includes free parking and a bike rack. Please send cover letter, resume and any inquiries to