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1. Ygen er at ionh"p:// 2. who?are we 3. we wereborn in the 1980sh"p:// 4. grew up inthe age ofh"p:// technology 5. spend half ofour livesonlineh"p:// 6. he hal f... Onl yt , rig ht.Y eahh"p:// 7. we like to haveinformationat our fingertips h"p:// 8. we multitaskh"p:// 9. we need to knowthe whyh"p:// 10. we are dynamich"p:// 11. we like to be creativeh"p:// 12. we like to stand outof the crowd h"p:// 13. we areachievement oriented Alisdair Miller - Bungee Extreme 14. we like totake control Text h"p:// 15. we liketo be freeh"p:// 16. we like to goour own waysh"p:// 17. we like toexploreh"p:// 18. we aretraveledh"p:// 19. we are confidenth"p:// 20. we areambitious h"p:// 21. we like to speakour mindsh"p:// 22. we are ready to do hard work h"p:// 23. we like todiscussour ideash"p:// 24. we love toworkothers with h"p:// 25. we like if our work isappreciated h"p:// 26. we like if you letour hands goh"p:// 27. we like tocross the line h"p:// 28. we love to beinspiredh"p:// 29. like by stersh"p:// 30. and by online resourcesh"p:// 31. we like to beinvolved h"p:// 32. we like tohave funh"p:// 33. we like if you give us a choiceh"p:// 34. we like peoplewith hearts h"p:// 35. we likechallengesh"p:// 36. and to bechallenged 37. we like to focus on the bright side h"p:// 38. we love to havefree timeh"p:// 39. we like to think that we can change the world h"p:// 40. we just want totouch the skyh"p:// 41. soplease 42. give usspaceh"p:// 43. give us storiesh"p:// 44. give usunusualh"p:// 45. TextText give us minimalism h"p:// 46. give usdesignh"p:// 47. give us feelingsh"p:// 48. give usopportunitiesh"p-// 49. h"p:// usperspective 50. ask for ouropinionh"p-// 51. and take it into consideration h"p:// 52. inspire ush"p:// 53. show us somethingprettyh"p:// 54. Yup.Like this one hereh"p:// 55. youwontregret it 56. coswehave 57. h"p:// 58. h"p:// 59. h"p:// Hmmm...How was this shot taken? 60. h"p:// how to have fun andwork at the sametime 61. we areinnnovativeiStockPhoto 62. we arecreative h"p:// 63. we arefast 64. h"p:// find a waywhere is no way 65. bring in newperspectives 66. and newapproaches 67. we fit in wellh"p:// 68. and adapt quicklyh"p:// 69. use theYsh"p:// 70. you wont regret ith"p:// 71. I know... 72. cos Imone of them. @orsnemes