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  • 1. Gees Bend Quilts1

2. QUILTS FROM MANYCULTURES 2 3. Traditional Anglo-American Quilts3 4. Traditional Anglo-American Quilts4 5. American Indian Blankets 5 6. Mola BlanketsCreated by Kuna women from colorfulmulti-layerd fabrics.6 7. Mola Blankets7 8. Gees Bend QuiltsSomething from Nothing 8 9. Gees BendLocated in Wilcox County,Alabama near Camden9 10. Gees Bend Nestled in a bend inthe Alabama River10 11. Gees Bend Quilt Coll Gees Bend remains anisolated community atthe end of a ruralroad in Alabamaspoorest county.11 12. Gees Bend Ferry 12 13. Quiltmakers of Gees BendWon the 2005 Southeast Regional Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in a Documentary Program13 14. US Postage StampsStamps of ten quiltscreated betweencirca 1940 and 2001by African-Americanwomen in GeesBend, Alabama. Released August 24th, 200614 15. National TourJule Collins SmithMuseum of Fine Artat Auburn University:September 11 ~November 4, 2005 15 16. Gees Bend Discovered 193716 17. Quilts of Gees Bend Blocks and Stripesby Mary Lee Bandolph 17 18. Arlonzia Pettway Arlonzia Pettway, 81, remains stunned at the attention their quilts have garnered. 18 19. Sewing a Quilt Jennie Pettway and an unidentified girl with the quilter Jorena Pettway.19 20. Working on the Housetop Lucy Marie Mingo stiches a "housetop" quilt as Arlonzia Pettway looks on.20 21. Quilters of Gees Bend Ire J L nee e Wil s o lia sl ms ia e P T P w e a tty w a21 22. Mary Lee BendolphTo Honor Mr. Dial Mamas Song, 2005 22 23. Louisiana Bendolph TrianglesGoing Home 23 24. Louisiana Bendolph 24 25. Quilts of Gees Bend Unique PatternsRoman StripesHousetop 25 26. Quilts of Gees Bend Unique PatternsUsed as rug in Kathy Irelands HomeCourthouse Steps 26 27. Corduroy Quilts27 28. Work-clothes Quilts28 29. Traditional Log Cabin QuiltGees Bend Housetop Variation29 30. The Chestnut BudLucy Marie Mingo callsthis quilt "TheChestnut Bud." "Its atree branching," shedescribes. "Just likethe bud which comeson the tree." 30 31. Quilts of Gees Bend 31 32. Quilts of Gees Bend 32 33. Quilts of Gees Bend 33 34. Quilts of Gees BendWorn out blue denim work-clothes 34 35. Quilts of Gees Bend 35 36. Passing on the Tradition Allie Pettway and her daughter Lola Pettway. 36 37. Gees Bend Quilters Collective In 2003, with assistance from the Tinwood organizations, all the living quilters of Gees Bend more than fifty women founded the Gees Bend Quilters Collective to serve as the exclusive means of selling and marketing the quilts being produced by the women of the Bend. The Collective is owned and operated by the women of Gees Bend. Every quilt sold by the Gees Bend Quilt Collective is unique, individually produced, and authentic each quilt is signed by the quilter and labeled with a serial number. 37 38. Reflection: How did the geographic location of GeesBend influence the uniqueness of the quiltsproduced there? How did fabrics of the Gees Bend quilts differform quilts that are characteristic of theAmerican South? How did the design of the Gees Bend quiltsdiffer from typical quilts of the AmericanSouth? 38 39. How can Gees BendQuilting techniquesbe applied to creating aphotographic quilt? Alien Nature39 39