gamifying healthy and smart cities

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GAMIFYING HEALTHY AND SMART CITIES Tiina Arpola Kuopio Innovation Ltd.

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    Tiina Arpola Kuopio Innovation Ltd.

  • A healthy city is conscious of health and striving to improve it

    Source: WHO European Healthy Cities network

  • A smart city is a place where services are made more efficient with the use of digital technologies, for the benefit inhabitants and businesses

    Source: European Comission Digital Agenda for Europe, Digital Society

  • The cities of the future will be self-aware, much like a being. These cities will be able to

    reconfigure themselves, based on whats happening, and what might happen, in the

    immediate future. Roberto Saracco, Chair of IEEE's (Institute of Electrical and Electronics

    Engineers) Future Directions Committee

  • Finland has a unique health ecosystem characterized by full electronic health records and nation-wide access to healthcare, in addition to the close co-operation among public and private sector entities working in health and wellness. Finland is also a European forerunner in designing new legislation for secondary and secure use of data on well-being and health. Enabling regulation is believed to open new opportunities for research, development and innovations.

  • Gamifying healthcare services (Games for Health)

    Enhancing the availability, user-orientation and utilization of health services


    Clear goal

    Proper challen



    Rules Motiva





    Information Self-help

    Health Promotion Life management



  • The new alignment made by Ministry of Social Affairs and Health opens doors to the future of game recipes, as eHealth services can be seen an equivalent of traditional receiving visits.


    Constant rush and changing situations

    Theres now criteria for health games or standardization

    Can games be part of health care?

  • Lhde: European Commission, mHealth Green Paper

    Is the app usable & accessible?

    Is the app credible?

    Is the app reliable?

    Is the app safe?

  • Games for Health solutions can be used together with traditional treatments


    Games in telerehabilitation

  • Strategic Experimentation

    Light, agile and inexpensive

    Ways to solve problems

    Testing new approaches NOW

  • A service for customers in which they could draw up their own welfare plan and assess the need for care will be created. The service could be used by all municipalities and hospital districts.

    The self-care and digital value services project supports the aims of the healthcare and social welfare reform.

    City of Kuopio is implementing gamification to this national project

    Self-care and digital value services (Ministry of Social Affairs and Health)

  • The City of Kuopio together with Games for Health Finland network has organized three competitions to find new digital innovations and promoting community engagement; 1. A national competition for gamified innovations on health promotion 2. Gamified tools for the life-management of adolescent and 3. Digital innovations for improving services for the citizens Games for Health Finland has been producing media content to inspire and inform citizens on health gamification. Health games have also been tested in elderly care centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and schools.

    So far

  • Make information available as open data

  • Meaningful use of open data

  • Information systems support my work

    eServices are part of my work

    Information helps my work

    Im working with information security

    Life management

    Freedom of choice

    My data

    Citizen Doing it myself

    Professional Smart systems for

    capable users

    Source: Information to support well-being and service renewal. eHealth and eSocial strategy 2020. Publications of the MSAH 2015

  • Innovation technology Womb-to-tomb

  • The combination of world-leading information and communications technology competences with health and well-being solutions are already creating world-leading health-tech innovations in Finland.

    Watson cognitive computing capabilities will further boost innovation in Finland and put Finland at the forefront of game-changing health transformation, at the European level and in the global marketplace.

    Cognitive technologies, like IBMs Watson, will enable a new management design and systemic control of healthcare. Tekes' vision is an open healthcare ecosystem based on compliant and efficient utilization of healthcare data, making our hospitals the world's most advanced data-led IoT hospitals.

    IBM Watson