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  • february 2013

    Fly like in your dreams

    Swim like a dolphin!

    The Flyboard, invented by jetski racing champion Franky Zapata, is essentially a water-powered jetpack with bolted-in shoes that can be strapped to your feet, enabling users to skate around at a height of nine meters. Its powered through a hose attachment that connects to a jetskis thruster. Propulsion is generated as the force of the water runs up through the hose and shoots out from the bottom of the board. Water is also diverted to a pair of arm thrusters that can be used to steer the device.

    With some practice, riders can perform some crazy aerial tricks. In the promotional video, Zapata demonstrates some of these dazzlers by launching in and out of the water like a dolphin, completing 360 degree spin moves and even pulling off backward somersaults!

    The minimal requirement to get the fun started is a jetski equipped with at least a 100 hp engine, which is sold separately (obviously). Learn more about how to get your own Flyboard at

    The Flyboard


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    This Canoe-Kayak hybrid has a transparent polymer hull that offers an awesome underwater view of aquatic wildlife and waterscapes.Part of the fun of being out on the water is getting to see all the wildlife swimming and darting below the surface now you have an even greater view. Imagine rowing across the lake or sitting peacefully out in the middle somewhere and watching a school of fish pass right underneath you. Or, if youre a fisherman, get the advantage by seeing where the fish are!

    The second reason we like this transparent canoe, though, is because of its utility in navigation. We cant tell you how many times weve got the canoe stuck on a rock or a sandbar while going downriver in shallow water. Now you can make your voyage a little easier by being able to see exactly what is underneath you. If you get stuck, you can see exactly where the problem is.

    We should also mention the durability of this canoe. Its made from an aluminium frame and a hull that is from the same material used in fighter jets. That means this baby is going to last you a long time while also being lightweight. The only drawback is that the weight capacity is only 425 pounds.

    Transparent Canoe-Kayak

    The Aquacase is the protective shield that gives you that extra portability with your iPhone, Blackberry or iPad. A transparent touch sensitive perspex skin framed by an airtight rubber seal means that you can still maintain full touch-screen functionality with your device while protecting it from harm. Allowing you to text, talk and tweet by the pool or lounge on the beach with a good book on your iPad.

    The case even allows your device to be fully submerged underwater up to one metre in depth, allowing you to take clear underwater video with your iPhone as long as you begin recording before you go under the water.

    Aquacase for iPhone and iPad

    With this ingenious Pocket Fishing Rod you can kick back, and

    relax with a spot of fishing any time, any place. At first glance

    youd never suspect that this clever little device can be quickly

    and easily extended to just over a metre long with just a flick

    of the wrist. When collapsed down it is just the size of a large

    pen, and will fit comfortably inside a pocket, glove box, or bag.

    It comes with all the bits and pieces you need, such as hooks,

    weights, a lure, and line.

    Suitable for both experienced anglers and those new to fishing,

    the Pocket Fishing Rod is an ingenious alternative to carrying

    around vast amounts of fishing equipment. The best part is

    that it really helps you to get back to the basics of the sport:

    relaxing, getting close to nature,

    and experiencing the challenge of

    taking on the fish. The Pocket Fishing

    Rod sits neatly between the two

    fishing extremes of the bamboo stick

    fishing net, only good for catching

    pond weed, and the professional

    angler with their vast array of highly

    expensive specialist equipment.

    Pocket Fishing Rod


    Approx 930


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