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    Home... The Final Frontier

    Star Theatre Planetarium



    up at the night


    is one of lifes gr

    eat pleasures.

    Because as well

    as its awe-inspir


    beauty, this twi

    nkling mass of ce


    phenomena and

    black nothingn

    ess compels

    you to ponder th

    e bigger picture

    : are we alone?


    created the gal

    axy? Is the unive

    rse truly in nite


    Sadly we cant a

    nswer the above

    questions, but w

    e can show

    you how to recre

    ate the heavens

    above in all the

    ir glory on any

    ceiling or wall.

    The mind-blowi

    ng Star Theatre

    Planetarium us

    es the same len

    s as

    a full-blown com

    mercial planeta

    rium to show re

    al constellation

    s in

    stupendous det

    ail. Just turn the

    lights o , switc

    h the Star Theat

    re on,

    then sit back an

    d relax. You won

    t believe your e


    Ultra-bright wh

    ite LED technol

    ogy enables this



    to beam 10,000

    stars skywards. I

    t even includes s

    pecial discs to d


    both stars and d

    elineated conste

    llations, and mi

    mics celestial m


    in both norther

    n and southern h

    emispheres. Sim

    ply place the lit

    tle discs

    in the Star Thea

    tres front-loadin

    g tray and prepa

    re to be gobsm


    As if all that we

    re not impressive

    enough, you ca

    n also set the Sta


    Theatre to proje

    ct shooting star

    s at random inte

    rvals. Totally

    cosmic! Take it f

    rom us, lying in

    bed gawping at

    a mega-realistic

    night sky with it

    s slowly moving

    stars is totally m

    agical and

    seriously hypno


    This easy-to-construct kit lets you build your very own Jedi weapon and mount it on the wall. Choose from hilts belonging to Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader or Obi-Wan Kenobi and use the included handheld IR control to trigger sound e ects and control the force (or dimmer switch, as its also known). If this doesnt excite your inner Jedi, nothing will!



  • Night n Day Rotating Globe

    Rainbow In My Room Projector







    Project a Rainbow in your room

    Worlds Smallest Walkie Talkies


    With the internet giving us the ability to talk to people all over the world, Im sure we can all be forgiven for occasionally forgetting that our friends and family are in a completely di erent time zone to us, and that actually that phone call or noisy Nudge in an instant messaging conversation isnt such a good idea at 3 in the morning!

    This is where the Day and Night Globe comes in handy. Not only is this a scale replica of the Earth as you would expect, but it also revolves just as the Earth itself does. The Real Solar Time Rotating Globe also features a clever illumination system which lights up areas of the globe as the Sun rises, and envelopes them in darkness once again when the Sun sets, all of this happening in real time.

    The Rotating Night and Day Globe demonstrates perfectly not only time zones, but also because it is tilted at the same angle as the Earth itself it also illustrates how this causes the seasons and the di erences between the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Easy to set up after the brief assembly you merely need to align the globe with the correct longitudinal location for where you are, set the date and time, and the precise clockwork mechanism will take care of the rest for you.

    This intriguing globe makes an ideal addition to any study area, or as a curiosity that is sure to provide a talking point. Alternatively due to its unique features the Night N Day Rotating Globe provides a stunning night light and clock.

    28cm Diameter World Globe Rotates daily in real time Real time illumination system shows day and night zones across

    the globe Includes 20 page booklet about time and the EarthPlease note: Some assembly is required

    Add a touch of magic and brighten up any room instantly with the ingenious Rainbow In My Room! With just the push of a button a beautiful Rainbow is instantly projected across the walls and your ceiling. Once turned on the Rainbow In My Room stays lit for 10 minutes before turning itself o when powered using 4 x AAA batteries (not included), or will stay lit inde nitely when using a compatible AC adaptor (not included).

    Perfect to cheer you up on a dull dreary day, or its also great as a nightlight. Unfortunately we cant vouch for there being a leprechaun or pot of gold at the end of this particular rainbow.

    Not content with having just any walkie talkies, weve managed to nd the Worlds Smallest Walkie

    Talkies! These super tiny hand held devices can penetrate walls, floors,

    steel and concrete; and will transmit over a range of about 100 feet (30

    metres). Operating is very easy, simply push to talk (dont forget your over and outs!) or use the

    button on the front to transmit in Morse code. The flexible antennas can be bent so the Walkie Talkies

    will fit into the smallest of pockets, just in case your missions are covert!