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Gadgets, Gizmos & Apps …for your entertainment Fun for all ages, come enjoy the fun. Not all inclusive - just what I know about

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  • Gadgets, Gizmos &

    Apps…for your entertainment

    Fun for all ages, come enjoy the fun.

    • Not all inclusive - just what I know about

  • Gadgets, Gizmos . . .Some connection basics - wired wi-fi bluetooth

    Some data basics - streaming downloaded

    Wireless TV - Wi-fi HD content from HDMI-enabled media device to the HDTV.(1)

    Speakers - wi-fi or bluetooth (2)

    For your older/low-tech car

    Cassette Adapter - plugin or bluetooth - listen to music from iOS device (3)

    FM Transmitters - plugin or bluetooth - listen to music from iOS device (4)

    Car chargers/USB ports (5)

    Digital audio conversion turntable - convert vinyl to digital (6)

    • Connections

    • Wired - self-explanatory

    • Wi-fi - wireless (through the air) network in a location such as a home or office that transmits signals from a router using

    a specific radio band to one or more devices; internet modem to computer, iPhone, iPad

    • Bluetooth - a short-range wireless network used to connect two devices using radio waves; phone to headset, mouse or

    keyboard to computer

    • Data

    • Streaming - data moving over a network (cellular, wireless, bluetooth) as you listen or view it. Streaming data can be buffered (some loaded in advance) for better streaming

    • Downloaded - Data you have moved from elsewhere (the internet) to your device, which is stored in the drive of the device and accessible when you’re not internet-connected.

    • Sample Devices

    • Wireless TV - allows you to send signal from one TV or cable box to a second HD TV wirelessly. Not the best - I

    experience a lot of signal drops

    • Speakers - can get powered speakers that tap into your wireless network using a device like an Airport Express. Allows

    you to play music from any networked device to the speakers. Also, bluetooth speakers can play music from a

  • #1#2






  • . . . & AppsMusic Services - compare features, music type, cost - always changing

    Sirius XM - satellite radio by subscription - cost varies

    Pandora - streaming radio service - free (with ads) or $4.99/month - fewer songs

    Spotify - streaming on-demand music - free (with ads) or $9.99/month - 30 million songs

    Apple Music - streaming playlist music - $9.99/month - 30 million songs

    Google Play - streaming playlist music - free (with ads) or $9.99/month - 35 million songs

    Grammofy - streaming classical music - current beta version free - will be subscription-based in the future

    All of these are services that provide music either free or at a cost that you can listen to on your various devices.

    Note: Peter pointed out that Apple does have Apple Radio which is a free service.

  • The Gizmo-est Gadget - Apple TV

    “All the entertainment your TV can handle”

    3rd gen $69 - 4th gen $149 to $169

    Compare models

    TV, Video, Music, Photos, Apps, Games

    iTunes - video, TV - rent or purchase

    PBS, HBO, Showtime, Netflix, hulu, NBA, NHL, MLB, ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC, TED TV, Disney, ESPN, YouTube, etc. - some require paid subscriptions

    Your music, photos, videos from your computer or iOS devices

    Airplay from enabled Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad

    Apps and Games (4th gen can access App Store)

    Bluetooth devices - keyboard, headphones, game controllers (depends on generation)

    Portable - bring it along when you travel

    Demo Apple TV

    4th Gen major differences - access to App store, and can download apps; more sophisticated remote uses Siri and has some game-playing capabilities.

  • High-Tech, sophisticated slide that shows how Apple TV works, and what you need to make use of it.

    Above red line - what you need - Internet connection, wi-fi, Apple TV, HDMI Cable, HD TV

    Below read line - sample of other devices that can be accessed by Apple TV to play on HD TV

  • my next research project

    So … dump cable?