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Appearing on the Alex Jones Show today, investigative journalist Wayne Madsen said his sources in Libya provided information revealing Moammar Gaddafi was set-up in an assassination plot.


  • Gaddafi Flying White Flag When KilledKurt NimmoInfowars.comOctober 24, 2011

    Appearing on the Alex Jones Show today, investigativejournalist Wayne Madsen said his sources in Libyaprovided information revealing Moammar Gaddafi wasset-up in an assassination plot.

    Early on October 19, Twitter messages from Gaddafishometown of Sirte reported the presence of white flagsacross the devastated town. Flags were reported atmultiple locations in the town, leaving some to believe therebels were surrendering,

    The use of white flags to signal surrender is an ancienttradition going back to the Eastern Han dynasty in Chinaand the Roman Empire. Violating the widely acceptconvention is considered an act of extreme treachery.

    Under both the Geneva and Hague protocols of international humanitarian law, it is forbidden tokill or injure persons hors de combat (outside of combat) and doing so constitutes a major warcrime.

    Madsens sources said Gaddafi was told to surrender to the al-Qaeda rebels besieging Sirte beforemorning prayers at 5 am, but that it was decided to surrender after the sun was well up in the skyso the white flags would be clearly visible.

    It also appears likely the arrival of Secretary of State Clinton in Libya may have played into theplot and convinced Gaddafi to surrender.

    According to official accounts, however, Gaddafi was attempting to flee Sirte and avoidsurrender.

    He was wounded in a Predator drone attack and subsequently killed by crossfire, either from therebels or Gaddafi supporters. Video footage released hours after the attack, however, clearlyreveals a seriously wounded Gaddafi abused by a crowd of rebels. A choppy cell phone video thenshows the body of the deposed leader. Video footage shows 'Gaddafi's killer' NATO rebel fighter later bragged that he had killed Gaddafi.

    Both Madsen and Jones said the official cover story does not make sense. If Gaddafi wanted to

  • escape Sirte, why didnt he do it under the over of darkness? It makes little sense to attempt anescape convoy in broad daylight in rebel territory with U.S. predator drones likely on constantpatrol. Madsens information reveals that Gaddafi was set-up for a double-cross and execution.Dead men, as they say, tell no tales. Gaddafis cooperation with the globalists, his business dealswith the war criminal Tony Blair at the behest of JP Morgan, his talk of nationalizing Libyas oilfields, his close relationship with oil corporations and American politicans like John McCain wereall liabilities for the elite and would have been extremely problematic if he had surrendered andfaced the ICC at the Hague. Gaddafi killing and white flag case 'similar' There seems to be similarities between the killing of former Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafiand Sri Lankas white flag case, says Human Rights Watch (HRW).

    Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril said Col Gaddafi had been shot in the head in an exchangeof fire between Gaddafi loyalists and NTC fighters following his capture in his hometown of Sirte.

    It is not so different from the allegations of the white flag incident in Sri Lanka where LTTEleaders and their families allegedly tried to surrender and allegedly were executed, Asia directorof HRW, Brad Adams told BBC Sinhala service.

    Following calls from UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillai for an investigation into thedeath of Col Gaddafi, the HRW also calls for an urgent probe.

    Everybody including Col Gaddafi and LTTE leaders, "no matter how heinous they are and nomatter how many people they killed themselves", said Mr Adams, has a right to be treatedproperly.War crime?'Col Gaddafi had just as much right to be treated properly as anybody else, said BradAdams.It is too early to describe the killing as a war crime as details are still coming in, he said,but added that it could be a war crime.

    There needs to be a very serious investigation into what actually happened, who killed him,under what circumstances, was it a local decision, whether somebody ordered to kill him, etc, MrAdams told BBC Sandeshaya.

    Officials have denied Col Gaddafi was executed after being captured on Thursday.

    Video footage suggests he was dragged through the streets.

    A rebel fighter told the BBC he found the former Libyan leader hiding in a drainage pipe and hehad begged him not to shoot.

    Sri Lanka security forces were also accused of executing senior Tamil Tiger leaders who tried tosurrender with white flags at the last stages of the conflict.

    The government of Sri Lanka has continuously denied the accusation. BBC Sandeshaya could notcontact Sri Lanka government spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella despite repeatedattempts.