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TRANSCRIPT Finger Fun! Learning Activities & Ideas with Fingers Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning. ~ Fred Rogers Finger Puppets by Bart, Flickr hand action or movement combined with singing or spoken-words to engage ~ Wikipedia What is nger play? Use nger plays to Llama Finger Puppet by Ryan Hyde, Flickr Teach grammar Manage the class Support a story Teach vocabulary Transition to the next task Famous Finger Games Thumb War by Nate Swart, Flickr Finger soccer Thumb war 1,2,3 shoot Rock, paper, scissors Shadow Puppets! Famous Fingerplays Where is Thumbkin? Itsy, Bitsy Spider 5 Little Monkeys Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Lets make characters! My Grandmas Finger Puppets by Nat Tung, Flickr Playdough Paper Draw them Felt Material Draw them Use washable markers & crayons Pick a friend & draw on your friends fingers Cool Finger Faces Free IOS App Draw & color them plays-by-shelly-sanchez-terrell/ Animate with Blabberize Spanish Storytime by Pioneer Library System, Flickr Demonstrate the gestures Put them in a Wiki Video examples Gestures Lyrics Introduce with a video Learn by video with Cullen! Cullens Fingerplay Free Videos IOS Apps Character Sets for Story Time Kids have a set of characters & objects Ask kids a question They choose the character to put on the glove Underwater Scene Feltboard by bengarrison, Flickr, CC 2.0 Follow-up with a felt board Tara and finger puppet theatre by Dimitrij Mlekuz, Flickr Throw a show Fingerplay Script by Dino Finger Puppets 05 by Lansing Library, Flickr Set the stage Cool Apps Finger Paint with Sound Free IOS/Android App Finger Measure Free IOS/Android App Horror Faces Free IOS App Create horror faces with your ngers