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Teach children all about monsoon, the rains, the clothes to wear through these fun visual puzzles!


Weekly Childrens Newspaper EOTO : Learning About Monsoon Fun Learning for Kids Weekly Childrens Newspaper Pick out the items you need to wear during the monsoon season! Weekly Childrens Newspaper Mythology Mystery! In ancient cultures, the skies, rain and thunder are ruled by various gods. What are the names of the gods in the following mythologies: A. In Hindu mythology, the god of lightning, thunder and rain is ______ B. In Greek mythology, the god of sky, thunder and rain is_____ C. In Egyptian mythology, the rain god is _____ Weekly Childrens Newspaper Singing in the Rain! Lets make a song we can sing during the monsoons. Lets begin with Dub dub dub, fall little rain drops Weekly Childrens Newspaper Heres a new take on monsoon fashion! Caption this image! Weekly Childrens Newspaper Match these monsoon festivals to their state! Weekly Childrens Newspaper Monsoon Fun! Spot 5 differences in the images! Weekly Childrens Newspaper Answers: Raincoat, rain-hat and gum boots A: Indra, B: Zeus, C: Tefnut 1: d, 2: c, 3: b, 4: a The umbrella handle, yellow dot on the red umbrella, the colour of the brown-haired girls dress is different, green stripes on the umbrella are not there and rain cap is missing Weekly Childrens Newspaper Thank You! Connect with us @ Weekly Childrens Newspaper Print this slideshow to teach kids offline!