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Teach children all about monsoon, the rains, the clothes to wear through these fun visual puzzles!


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    EOTO : Learning About Monsoon Fun Learning for Kids

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  • Pick out the items you need to wear during the monsoon season!

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  • Mythology Mystery!

    In ancient cultures, the skies, rain and thunder are ruled by various gods. What are the names of the gods in the following mythologies:

    A. In Hindu mythology, the god of lightning, thunder and rain is ______

    B. In Greek mythology, the god of sky, thunder and rain is_____

    C. In Egyptian mythology, the rain god is _____

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  • Singing in the Rain!

    Lets make a song we can sing during the monsoons. Lets begin with Dub dub dub, fall little rain drops

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  • Heres a new take on monsoon fashion! Caption this image!

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  • Match these monsoon festivals to their state!

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  • Monsoon Fun! Spot 5 differences in the images!

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  • Answers:

    Raincoat, rain-hat and gum boots A: Indra, B: Zeus, C: Tefnut 1: d, 2: c, 3: b, 4: a The umbrella handle, yellow dot on the red umbrella, the colour of the

    brown-haired girls dress is different, green stripes on the umbrella are not there and rain cap is missing

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