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Improve observation and analytic skills with these fun visual puzzles.


  • 1. EOTO : 5 Visual PuzzlesFun Learning for KidsWeekly Childrens Newspaper www.robinage.comWeekly Childrens Newspaper

2. 1. What can you see in this image? Nothing other thanstripes? Now try blurring your stare, crossing your eyesor simply stepping a few feet back from your monitor.Now what do you see? (Photo Credit: Childrens Newspaper 3. 2. Optical Illusion!Do you see black spots quickly appear and disappear at the intersections?Weekly Childrens Newspaper 4. 3. Can you help Champ count all the pizza slices in thispicture?Weekly Childrens Newspaper 5. 4. Spot the differences between the two pictures!Weekly Childrens Newspaper 6. 5. Which of these lines is longer?Weekly Childrens Newspaper 7. Answers:3. 384. The rays of the sun, the ears, the nose, the tip of the dogs tail, the strokes ofthe bouncing ball, the mouth and the placement of the ball.5. Both the lines are of equal length. Its just an illusion. Weekly Childrens Newspaper 8. Thank You!Connect with us Print this slideshow to teach kids offline! Weekly Childrens Newspaper