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Fun Free Photo Programs. Rachel Shankles, LMS Lakeside High School Hot Springs, AR. Shape Collage and Photovisi. Makes photo displays in common shapes like circles, hearts, etc. Has one free version to download or a pro version for a fee - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Fun Free Photo ProgramsRachel Shankles, LMSLakeside High SchoolHot Springs, ARShape CollageandPhotovisihttp://Shapecollage.comMakes photo displays in common shapes like circles, hearts, etc.Has one free version to download or a pro version for a feeYou download it and then use the icon on your desktop to access the programMake a folder on your desktop and put just the photos you want to use for that one collage into the folder This program allows you to dump the whole folder at once into the collage upload system</p> <p>Go to website firstClick to download the free version to your desktop and it will leave an iconClose the website and click on the ShapeCollage iconGo to File in top left menuGo to Add photos or Add FolderI like to upload a whole folder at a time, very convenient and fast so navigate on the next screen to your desktop or wherever you stored the folder with the photos you wanted to use in this collageI have to use the tiny green up arrow in the location bar of that window to go to my Desktop which is where I place folders I will be working withHighlight the folder name, click the ok buttonThe photos load on the left pane of the screenOn the right click on the Shape and Size tabYou can make your collage the shape of a rectangle, heart or circle by placing a dot by those or put a dot by More to see the other shapes like Paw prints, butterflies, star, puzzle piece, catWhen you put a dot by More a smaller box pops open and click on the down arrow by CustomNext select and highlight your shape. Like the paw print and click on DoneClick the Preview button and see the photo shapes go into the shape of the paw, but you wont see the photos thereNow hit the Appearance tab and click on a photo (navigate to one in your files) to use as the background of the whole collage (possibly a photo of your mascot or the front of your school or your school entry)Hit create when you are finished experimenting and it will ask you where to save the jpeg (photo) file you have created. Name it like pcollage1 and notice where it is saving, then hit ok. It shows you the photocollage but you can close out and find it where you saved it for a bigger and better look. http: \\</p> <p>Photovisi collageClick to Start here on opening pageThis program runs from the web and is not downloaded to your computerSelect a template that has the same amount of photos as you have put in your folder to useSome take 7 to 10 photos and others can handle up to about 25Some have background pix you select and others have white backgrounds</p> <p>Pick a format: I like the one on middle bottom with the background pix</p> <p>Add Photos and other DirectionsWatch out for the advertisingFind the plus sign for ADD ITEMSYou can navigate to you folder in My pictures or on your desktopYou can load them one at a time or highlight several and hit okNext set the background photo or colorSelect the resolution you need (leave at default is ok)Download it select Save on popup and name itBe careful navigating the part where they try to sell you posters, mugs, etc.This may take a minuteNext Click here to download your collage Then select save and name it and save to your hard drive OR open to print it Click here to get your collage printed on mugs, posters and more!</p> <p>Samples</p> <p>ShapeCollage </p> <p>PhotovisiOther Samples</p> <p>Uses in the ClassroomEvents in historyBook ReportsBook TalksScreen saversBackgrounds on your computer screenDisplays and bulletin boardsPR for events you take pictures of like clubs, contests, guest speakersPlace mats for banquetsPrint out with plotter for large posters or Print in color and take to Michaels or Hobby Lobby to have blown up to posters on foamboardContact InfoRachel Shankles is a library media specialist at Lakeside High School in Hot SpringsEmail: Rachel_Shankles@Lakesidesd.orgHome: shankles@cablelynx.comSchool: 501-262-1530Wiki: http://aaimlibrarywiki.wikispaces.comFB: Shankles08 or Rachel Shankles </p>