from your website to your tweets: maintaining an ethical online presence

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If you are a helping professional struggling with the maze of the internet this workshop is for you! Therapists and Coaches, Social Services administrators- learn how to master you or your agencys online presence without compromising your ethics or placing your clients confidential information at risk.


  • 1. From Your Website to Your Tweets Maintaining an Ethical Online Presence DeeAnna Merz Nagel April 12, 2013 Ridgeview Institute
  • 2. Basic Internet FunctionsWeb Literacy: The Basics
  • 3. Websites and Web 1.0Informational WebsitesFinding information(Google is your friend)Mayo ClinicPsychCentralDirectories
  • 4. Online Communication
  • 5. Web 2.0 and BeyondWhat is Web 2.0/3.0?BigThink: Web 3.0
  • 6. How Teachers Use Web 2.0Brave New World Wide Web
  • 7. Niche Marketing
  • 8. Social Media is Your Newspaper Column!
  • 9. How Change Agents Can Use Web 2.0
  • 10. Components of a Website
  • 11. Blogging
  • 12. Tweeting
  • 13. Facebook- Should you or not?
  • 14. Linkedin
  • 15. The Social Media Triangle
  • 16. Its why they call it the web
  • 17. What about Ethics?Are ethicalresponsibilities differentfor coaches andtherapists, doctors andnurses?
  • 18. Ethical AdvertisingSell Yourself without Selling Out! Squeeze Pages Email Campaigns Website Copy Network Spamming Testimonials
  • 19. Ethical Social Networking
  • 20. Where to from here?Additional ResourcesDr. Keely KolmesDr. Kevin PhoTILT Magazine