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Presentation notes from the Frocomm Social Media Bootcamp, June 2009, Sydney presenters were Brian Giesen and Graham White from Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence


<ul><li>1.360 Digital Influence WorkshopSocial Media Bootcamp June 2009 </li></ul><p>2. Agenda 01 Why does this matter &amp; what will you get out of this?02 Mapping communication goals to measurement03 How to set up advanced listening posts04 Creating effective engagement strategies05 Influencer and network planning06 Effective Blogger Outreach07 Netvibes Power Hour08 Knighting and next steps 3. 01 Why Does Social MediaMatter?(and what you will get out of this?) 4. Internet Penetration Australia AU 21,807,000 population Country Area: 7,686,850 Capital City: Canberra population 345,257 (08) 16,926,015 users as of March/09, 80.6% penetration Wireless broadband subscriptions tripled in Australia in 2008 8,000,000 active internet subscribers 84% broadband connections Ranks 6th in the world for total number of Internet users, despite its small population. 5. Why Social Media Matters Its Going Mainstream Australians have become very active users of social technologies like blogs, podcasting, forums, and social networks.75% of Australian online adults now use social technologies 50% are members of a social network 25% create their own contentSource: Australian Adult Social Technographics Revealed, Forrester, November 2008 6. Anatomy of a Communications Professional circa 2009 (PR Pro figure) 7. Your Stories 8. Media (Consumer Generated &amp; New Media) Broadband Media Syndication &amp; Multimedia Social Networks Delivery Search Sharing 9. Why Social Media Matters Content is Consumed DifferentlyOld SchoolEmerging 10. 75% of people don't believe that companies tell the truth in advertisements. (Yankelovich) 11. Whats the most trustworthy source for purchase ideas?US 81%Word of MouthWW 70% Editorial56% 55% Advertising55%59% 2006 eMarketer 12. Recap: Why does social media matter?1. Its core to marketing and communications2. Trust favors Word of Mouth3. Interruptive advertising is losing effectiveness4. Search is the new homepage 5. Clients demand digital &amp; word of mouth 13. The 7 Barriers 14. It defies current org structures 15. Its about relationships not transactions 16. Engagement is the new Reach* *need measurement standards 17. It scales differently 1 Power Tech x 12 individuals x 4.14 individuals = 60+ CommunicationsG0G1G2 18. It started with horror stories 19. Not enough training 20. Social media cannot be controlled 21. Overcoming Barriers Social media defiesorganization, methods &amp; tools Create your own current organizational structure Get beyond campaign-thinking It begs for a long term relationship (yet different than CRM)Define the value through engagement No measurement standard...yet It scales differently time Scale via tools and Tell positive stories (w/measureable outcomes) The big stories are based upon fearBuild a training culture Not enough trainingDemonstrate the planning Social media cannot be "controlled 22. 02 Mapping Goals toMeasurement 23. Your Briefs 24. Define the communication goal Communication GoalPotential Tactics Viral videos, games, Make people aware ofdisplay advertising, Awareness brand, product or issue head-of-tail blog outreach, SEO plus Brand Web sites, Educate people and beginsyndicated content, new to demonstrate themedia desk &amp; room, Evaluationrelevance social media outreach Brand Web sites, Get people involved contests, blogs, games, Engagementthrough spending time and social network participation. interactions. Motivate people to openly Blog summits, Blogs, support you, contribute vlogs, social network Conversionsomething, share WOMgroups, blogger relations. Share-able programs Loyalty Convert people to Promoters &amp; loyal Fan activation centers, co-creation programs, customers communities 25. Measurement Models Most PR measurement models report: Activity (output) Impressions (reach) Message pull-through (impact)Most Internet measurement models report: Impressions (reach) Action (e.g. click-through, email opens) 26. New Measurement ModelAwareness Evaluation } ReachEngagement } PreferenceConversion Advocacy} Action 27. Conversation Impact Dashboard Summary Metric / GoalDataAware- Considera Prefer-ness -tion enceAction Loyalty Reach UMV blogs, site, microsite, applications, other, total # Real-time to weekly / % change Time on site, # / % change Real-time Volume of online conversation, #/% change, Cost perReal-time to daily Online Conversation Generated (CPICG) Share of voice in category (=Volume for brand / volume Real-time to daily for category), # / % change, Cost per Increase in Share of Voice (CPISV)Preference Sentiment index of online conversation (% positive - % Daily negative), # / pts change, consumers reached vs. all, Cost Per Increase in Sentiment Index (CPISI) Share of positive voice in category (=Sentiment indexDaily for brand / sentiment index for category), # / % change, consumers reached vs. all, Cost per Increase in Share of Positive Sentiment (CPISP) Relative net promoter score (NPS) in category (=brandMonthly/ NPS / category NPS), # / % change, consumers reached Quarterly survey vs. all, Cost per Point Increase in NPS (CPINP) Action WOM network action: RPA, CPA, $, # Daily to weekly Blog contest-based action: RPA, CPA, $, #Real-time to weekly Microblog/Twitter-based action: RPA, CPA, $, # Real-time to weekly 28. Your Stories 29. Expanding the Impact of Marketing with Social MediaOgilvys 360 Digital Influence applies a strategic approach to activating word of mouth the most trusted source for opinions. We identify and engage influencers, build grassroots community and rally people to causes they care about. We have a 3-part approach:Listening discovering what people are saying about brands andexperiences across all social mediaPlanning finding influencers and affinity groups to join our cause orcommunityEngaging involving influencers and community members such that they care to tell their community of friends and family to get involved 30. Strategic Approach to Social Media &amp; Word of Mouth Community Design &amp; ManagementConversation Maps Influencer Maps Blogger &amp; Influencer Engagement ProgramsCo-creation Program Design &amp; ManagementLive Community EventsVideo Content: Viral, Episodic, ChannelsSocial Network ActivationSearch Reputation ManagementDigital Media Relations 31. 03 Advanced Listening Posts 32. Listening: Message Boards, Blogs, Social Networks, Opinion Sites I will not recommend Sleep Number to anyone again (and I have done so in the past) and if it comes up in the conversation. I post on Epinions and Craigslist and intend to mention this in my posts and on my Blog. Instead of using a little common sense, looking at longtime customer satisfaction, you have lost this customer for life.We were sorry to read about your experience and hope to be able toresolve this issue and regain your confidence in us once again. In orderfor us to do so, well need more information from you to access youraccount and remedy the situation. Please call Select Comfort directly at1-800-787-5230 and ask to speak with AJ Stewart.Two days after my diatribe about the Sleep Number bed appeared on this screen,I was apologized to and told to call a number and ask for a particular person.When I called I got a nice young lady named Amanda who asked what theproblem was and then the poor dear had to endure my ire while I detailed thetrouble. She listened with patience and asked me to hold on to see what couldbe done. About 2-4 minutes later she comes on and says well be taking thatcharge off your Amex. I rescind my cessation of possible future purchases oftheir product. The beds are as good as they advertise. 33. Flubies &amp; Flublogia 34. Listening Post Brand Planning &amp; Strategy Insights (Conversation Maps) Category Rapid Response &amp; EngagementBrand Ideas Measurement Competitors Intelligence 35. Using Social Media Strategically Services: Listening Programs Listening Post : By creating the right conversation criteria, we can use technology to collect and sort all of the relevant conversations across blogs, forums, Twitter, social networks and review sites. Our strategists apply insight and recommended action to every reportListening Post powered by Radian6: This is our fastest , keyword-driven platform that collects social Web mentions across multiple global markets. Ideal for benchmarking measurement, informing strategy and rapid response to consumer generated mediaListening Post powered by Crimson Hexagon: Our CH-based platform is great for following and reporting sentiment and opinion. It is one of the few platforms on the market that can provide superior automated opinion reporting. Ideal for benchmarking measurement and informing strategyListening Post powered by Visible Technologies: A more comprehensive solution to enterprise- level cgm monitoring and response, our VT-based solution is great for operationalizing large organizations to engage with bloggers on a daily basis. Ideal for benchmarking measurement, informing strategy and rapid response to consumer generated media at a large scale 36. What is a Conversation Map? Starting point for all social media programs Focuses on discussion around brands, products or issues 1x, 50-70 slide research document The Conversation Map reveals: What is being said by whom Volume, tone and topics of conversation Insights resulting from the analysis Preliminary engagement ideas 37. How Conversation Maps Can Help Tracks perceptions and how messages are being interpreted Begins to identify important new influencers Triggers issue &amp; communications response Offers a high-level view of emerging trends and what others are doing Demonstrates the impact and value of public relations or advertising Helps manage and improve an organizations reputation Identifies important conversations to join 38. When to do a Conversation Map Prior to starting any social media engagement program Initial research phase for new or existing client (e.g., focus groups) Enlist supporters or identify potential detractors Establish a measurement benchmark 39. Conversation Map Overview: Research Methodology 40. Example Conversation Maps Engaging the Flubies Elevating Low Influence Enthusiasts Uncovering a Need for Credible Answers 41. How To Create a Conversation Map 1. Orientation1. Define objectives, goals, and budget 2. Understand the target audience Are they online? What sites are popular? 3. Define the timeframe (30 days) 42. How To Create a Conversation Map2. Define the Conversation Criteria TopicSub-Topics Keywords Online Education and Online Education Online Education - Student focused education the Kaplan POV Teacher Focused Education + Talent gap - Student centric educationModel Adaptive education - Student oriented education Student Focused Model Experiential learning- Student goals in education Learner Focused Model Experiential teaching - Learner focused education Work study programs - Teaching for best learning Life learning and education - Learner oriented education Change and education- Learner centric education Education Reform- Diversity and learning Teacher training- Work experience and learning New teaching methods - Conscious learning Better teachers- New teaching Online University Online University Online University - Online MBA Online Grad School Online College - Online law school Adult Education Online Classes - Online graduate program Continuing Education Internet University - Online career advancement Internet College- Adult Education Internet Classes- Continuing Education Kaplan and Kaplan University Kaplan University, Kaplan online university, Concord Law* Competitors University of Phoenix University of Phoenix, U of P Strayer University Strayer University, Strayer Devry University Devry University, Devry Walden University Walden University, Walden Capella University Capella University, Capella 43. How To Create a Conversation Map 3. Start Listening Monitoring Tools Type Free Google Blogs, Technorati, Blogpulse, BoardReader,Summize, Facebook LexiconConsolidated Radian 6, Buzz Numbers Monitoring Advanced Visible Technologies (enterprise &amp; response) Services Nielsen Buzzmetrics (outsourced reports)BuzzLogicCymfony (cgm &amp; traditional)UmbriaBrand DimensionsKaavaOthers: Andiamo, Biz360, eWatch, MediaSource 44. How To Create a Conversation Map 3. Start Listening Radian 6 Manual Search Tools (See Links for Listening Handout) Cataloging Delicious 45. How To Create a Conversation Map 4. Generate Insights Trends show what is; an insight says what it means Good Insights are: Tied to a business objective Supported by data/metrics Supported by sample verbatims Leading toward engagement ideas 46. How To Create a Conversation Map 5. Plot the Map Create an Executive Summary This section should summarize in 1-3 slides the generalfindings and the recommendations for engagement Build a narrative throughout the supporting research slides, tell the story of the insight Review for consistency in language, formatting 47. WORK SESSION: Create a Conversation Map1. Choose your conversation criteria 2. Search using free tools1. Google Blogs/Technorati, YouTube, Flickr,,tweetscan, BlogPulse3. Find &amp; Report Back 2-3 trends 48. 05 Influencer &amp; NetworkPlanning 49. Leo Babauta 50. How to Determine Influence Blogs &amp; Microblogs Message Boards &amp; Forums Number of inbound links Breadth of boards Frequency/timeliness of posts Quantity and timeliness of activity Followers &amp; subscribers Search engine visibility Number and content of comments Affiliation Affiliation of author Membership numbers Search engine visibility Traffic Traffic RSS feed subscriptions Social Networks Membership numbers Videos &amp; Photo Communities Types of community features present Number of views and downloads(e.g., profiles, blogs, video, message Number and content of comments boards) Ratings/peer assessment Activity level on features Relevant groups Affiliation Number of subscribers Search engine visibility Number of inbound links 51. Inbound Links RSS Subscriptions Site Traffic Conversation Index Recency &amp; Frequency Identity &amp; Affiliation 52. How to create an influencer audit 1. Determine 3-5 categories of influencers 2. Search for influencers Use free search tools Review the conversation map Follow blog rolls 3. Profile the influencers 4. Finalize the audit 53. How to create an influencer audit Profiles should include the following: HeaderName of media outletAudience/beatMediaScreen Grab and URLDescriptionUniversally relevantRelevanceWhy/how it fits into the strategyAudience ReachedCriteria for InfluenceBased on type of mediaOpportunitiesChecklist of tactics to consider 54. WORK SESSION: Create an Influencer Audit 1. Look at the Conversation Map 2. Choose 1-2 categories of influencers to research 3. Each group is responsible for finding one of the following: 1. Blogger2. Twitter3. Message Board4. Social Network Group (e.g., Facebook or Myspace)5. Multimedia (e.g., Flickr or YouTube) 55. 04 Creating EffectiveEngagement...</p>